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Not All Networks Are Created Equal

by John.McHugh on ‎01-23-2012 02:50 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 08:58 PM by bcm6 (581 Views)

The question of what networking vendor is best really depends on the unique needs of the customer. Sure, you can buy a Ferrari to go grocery shopping and a Prius for drag racing, but obviously their respective purposes and costs don’t align very well with the intended uses.


Similarly, a vendor’s ability to deliver purpose-built solutions rather than trying to be everything to everyone is critical when it comes to addressing specific customer requirements. There are many players in the industry who have cast their net far too wide by pursuing adjacent technologies—such as servers, video systems, and consumer-grade products—that ultimately distract them from their original core focus.


In contrast, Brocade is in business to do one thing: build and deliver the best networking solutions for mission-critical environments. Of course, what part of your IT environment (web site, HR system, finance and account, voice and media for example) is “mission-critical” today?


Since we aren’t sidetracked by trying to sell proprietary unified communication systems, blade servers, or consumer cameras, we don’t have to make tradeoffs or limit our products so that they work only in certain configurations.


Brocade is truly a multivendor company. When we go to customers sites, we have to work with their existing network infrastructure and all of their devices, regardless of whose name plate populates their equipment racks. This saves our customers a significant amount of money and helps ensure that their applications continue to work as designed. Because all our energy is directed toward innovation and creating high-performance networks that are straightforward and easy to deploy, we ultimately have products that jump off the page shouting ease-of-operation and interoperability.


Consider our Ethernet fabrics built on VCS Fabric technology. This is a great example of how we target the data center and create a very innovative and differentiated solution way ahead of others in the industry. This isn’t simply because of dumb luck—it’s because we understand the real-world challenges our customers face and develop purpose-built solutions to make their lives easier. And you can trace all this back to our maniacal focus on networking.


If you look at Brocade’s heritage, we have been and still are the clear market share leader in storage area networking. In the storage networking market, the concept of running equipment continuously for years without maintenance cycles, firmware upgrades, or any outage is the norm. As such, when Brocade takes on mission-critical Ethernet solutions, we bring a whole new standard to this area of the industry. Many customers now want to move beyond the era of “acceptable outages” that many of our competitors’ networks require them to have.


With Brocade Ethernet fabrics, there’s no reason to compromise or settle for a network that fails to live up to expectations. By extending the high levels of performance, scalability, and reliability traditionally associated with the SAN to the Ethernet world, we are making the entire network more powerful. And our customers can rest assured they will have a network that simply works the way it’s supposed to.