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No 'i' in team, true. But there's a Capital I in CIO

by Ian.Whiting on ‎03-10-2010 04:57 PM (483 Views)

Having studied in the U.K., I was taught to say “Capital” and “Small” letters to refer to what my U.S. colleagues often call “Upper Case” and “Lower Case” letters. Apparently this nomenclature is left over from the era of manual typesetters who kept majuscule (bet you’d never heard that) letters in the upper type case, whilst keeping the more often used minuscule letters in the lower type case.

But for this write-up, I will shamelessly and purposefully use the term “Capital” as a double entendre. Capital is so integral to the DNA of CIOs, the lead point of interaction with a large percentage of our customer base, that they write their own titles out in all caps. But Capital plays another important role. When CIOs like you can demonstrate a 30-50 percent savings in overall IT and capital spending….impactful 1:1 meetings with other Capitally-acronymed people, e.g., CEOs, become not only possible but likely.

Brocade helps CIOs instigate these meeting invitations. We know that you’ve been warning your CEO for a while now on why you need to upgrade your infrastructure. You see the tidal wave of inundating and ever-growing data and network traffic looming. You realize that your bandwidth capabilities are at sea-level and you’ve been sounding the alarm but no one’s coming. There’s nothing like a Capital savings discussion to get all the oars “converging” in the right direction.

Let us help you with the Capital in CIO. Brocade knows you’re drowning and can get you to shore safely – not with a slow-moving mammoth of a boat like the Queen Mary (no offense to my home country’s beloved former queen), but with a navy seal speedboat ready to help you ride the infrastructure upgrade wave.

Once there, what you do is up to you. Now if the CEO meeting turns into a round of golf….better call the competition….they spend a lot more time than we do perfecting their game.