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Network Security Drivers & Vision

by Bob.Braham on ‎02-25-2010 03:20 AM (352 Views)

According to IT analyst firm, Forrester Research, approximately 40 percent of businesses will significantly increase their spending on new IT security technologies in 2010.

What’s driving the need for network security into 2010 and beyond? I see three things:

  1. The growing global nature of business including malicious and competitive forces as well as increasingly mobile employee workforces, all of which pose security threats.
  2. Increase in data security regulations and compliance requirements.
  3. Customers’ desire for best-of-breed solutions that are seamlessly integrated, so that their data center is not the point of integration.


Since Brocade is recognized as a leader in end-to-end networking, naturally many of our customers approach us for network-based security solutions. However, we’ve made a strategic decision to focus on providing the best networking solutions on the market and rely on a strong ecosystem of partners to provide best-of-breed point products and solutions.

To provide our customers a total solution for network security, we recently announced a partnership with McAfee, the industry’s leader in enterprise security solutions. This is more than just a marketing announcement, Brocade and McAfee evaluated shared risk, shared investment and division of labor to encompass features that customers need. From this partnership, joint customers will be able to implement today:

Comprehensive networking + security solution

  • Endpoint security from core to edge


Reduced business risk and improved compliance

  • Maintain compliance with federal, state and industry security regulations


Validated solutions

  • Interoperable and integrated solutions
  • Both companies are committed to open architectures and standards giving the customer the flexibility and choice they desire


In our next phase we will continue to work with McAfee to deliver a set of jointly-designed solutions developed specifically to address the network security needs of enterprise customers. The first stage will involve extending the network management integration to further utilize metrics and security intelligence information.

Our vision at Brocade is to provide the industry’s leading networks across the data center, campus and service provider customer segments. As our customers’ environments become more demanding, we will continue to leverage our unique partner model to provide best-of-breed solutions that are tested and qualified to drive out their operational costs. While the best day for many partnerships is the day of the press release, we’re already seeing significant customer demand and value from this new relationship with McAfee.