It’s All About the Applications, Stupid!

by Jason.Nolet on ‎02-25-2010 05:30 AM (433 Views)

Blog post by Wingspan guest:

Jason Nolet, VP/GM for Application Delivery Products


Much to my dismay, it looks like cell phone purchases for my teenage daughter are now an annual event.


“Honey, I think the iPhone is a great choice for Courtney,” I explained to my wife.


“Are you nuts?” she protested. “If she spends any more time with her phone we might as well have it surgically implanted!”


But I was quick to point out the genius of my plan: “Ah, you’re missing the opportunity here. Because there is no physical keyboard on the iPhone, she won’t be able to secretly text under the dinner table anymore!”


This had become a chronic dinnertime battle. “Good grief,” my wife conceded, resigned to the challenges of parenting always-on, always-connected teenagers.


So, off Courtney and I went to test all the latest smart phones. The range of choices is absolutely mind-blowing. Screen sizes...slide-out keyboards…GPS…camera megapixels…. polyphonic ringtones….and, last but not least, cool covers. But, I was surprised at how quickly Courtney narrowed her choices to the iPhone and Droid.


“The hippest?” I asked in a way only an aging (and clearly unhip) father could.


“No, Dad, it’s all about the applications.” She quickly enlightened me on what I should have already known. “I expect the phone to work okay, it’s the applications that make the difference.”


While shelling out a small fortune for her new phone, it occurred to me that Courtney’s conclusion was undeniably true. Smart phones are now really all about delivering a rich set of applications with a great user experience. A simple principle that applies equally well to other computing arenas, including the enterprise data center.


I recently joined Brocade to lead the Application Delivery Controller business. Application delivery is a key element of Brocade’s data center strategy because, even after taking advantage of all the newest infrastructure advances – virtualization, clouds, convergence- data centers are really all about delivering a great application experience to end users. Delivering applications that are high performing, always available, cost effective and fully secure is a key business mandate of IT regardless of what industry you’re in. And that’s the mission of Brocade’s new ADX application delivery product line.


Brocade’s ADX application delivery solutions provide the industry’s most flexible and scalable platforms for server load balancing, server offload and application security. With a purpose-built family of hardware platforms ranging from 1U to 10U and a rich set of L4-7 features, the ADX gives customers of all sizes a best-in-class solution that currently powers many of the world’s most demanding data centers. The ADX helps both service providers and enterprise IT organizations address their current application delivery needs while providing a scalable foundation for continued growth. With the ADX they have it all…except, as my daughter would point out, there’s no built-in camera….sorry.


Watch this space for my next entry on application delivery for cloud computing environments!