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It May Be Raining - Yet We Keep Customers Safe, Dry and “Up” in the Clouds

by Featured.Customer on ‎05-25-2010 09:52 AM (1,952 Views)

Brad Broskey, Senior Network Operations Engineer at MaximumASP

Brad Headshot.jpg

Whether the flood of digital data and network traffic makes it feel as though it’s El Nino or the end of an ice age, everyone needs their network performing at the highest levels and up all the time.


As the 2009 Worldwide Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year, MaximumASP has a lot to continue to live up to as we’ve grown to over 55,000 customer domains spread out over 120 countries and hosted on 3000 servers. And we’re still growing! In 2010, we completed the construction of a new 33,000 square foot data center and co-location facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Along with our sister company, MaximumColo for co-location, we provide customers like Nike, Target and Energizer with managed hosting services, dedicated servers and cloud computing solutions.

Our customers choose MaximumASP because we guarantee 100 percent uptime. That’s why we choose to work with a vendor like Brocade who can continue to make sure we deliver on that promise. Since 2004, Brocade has provided us with the most flexible core networking infrastructure solutions while keeping latency to a minimum. Using wire-speed performance and industry-leading tools like sFlow, we can focus our time on helping our customers instead of managing our network.

We have architected our core network with parallel redundant Brocade NetIron XMR, NetIron MLX, and NetIron CES routers. At the aggregation layer and edge of the network, we utilize Brocade FastIron ES, FastIron SX, and FastIron LS products. The Brocade implementation of the sFlow interface gives us a high degree of visibility into the network to monitor and manage all these devices as needed.

As our business has grown and evolved, Brocade products have been extraordinarily extensible. Since we first selected Brocade six years ago, our business has more than tripled and we have added new products, including cloud computing, that simply didn't exist six years ago.

Largely because of this flexibility and the progressive product road map that Brocade has implemented for its products, our network has never limited our business growth. In fact, we feel like we’ve been the perfect meteorologist for the perfect storm, with a trusty Brocade umbrella under our arm, of course.