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Igniting the APAC SPIRIT

by WingspanGuest on ‎08-15-2012 02:20 AM (865 Views)

From Wingspan Guest Blogger, Charlie Foo, Vice President APAC Sales, Brocade


I read an interesting article recently about smartphone ownership in Singapore which reported that three out of four in the tiny city-state own a smartphone while one in three has a tablet. The numbers are astounding and tell-tale of the vast market growth opportunities looming in the region.


Despite its tremendous growth potential, APAC is a remarkably diverse and fast-changing market characterized by different cultures as well as varying economies and degrees of development. For businesses in the region, one’s strategy and approach has to be highly tailored to meet the culture.


Almost 90 days into my new role, it has been my priority in ensuring we assemble the right regional leadership team and align our strategies to improve focus and drive growth within each key segment. Along the course, I had to make some difficult, but necessary, changes in order to foster enterprise agility and adapt quickly to changing market opportunities.


Likening corporate strategy to a game of soccer, Spain played an unconventional 4-6-0 formation at the recent European Championship, which enabled them to control the final from the midfield and score four goals in the process… against an Italian defense renowned for being watertight. At Brocade APAC, we are creating a game plan to defend our market leadership and drive new growth across key segments. The emphasis is not just on growth, but sustainable and quality growth.


Having said that, our goals cannot be achieved without the commitment and full support of our people. We have thus created a new manifesto and operating values to guide us through what we stand for and how we should go about achieving our goals.


Called The APAC SPIRIT, it stands for:


Sell – We are a sales organization and selling does not belong solely to salespeople. We must work seamlessly together to sell or support sales in order to grow the company. One of the most important aspects of selling is when every member of Brocade APAC not only represents the Brocade brand but “live” the Brocade brand, as well as what it stands for.


People – People are at the core of our business. Without people, we cannot execute business effectively. We will renew focus and investment on our greatest asset to create a net flow of talent throughout APAC.


Ideas – We are in an industry where we need to keep innovating to stay ahead of the chasing pack. We need to keep re-inventing ourselves, our strategies and business models to build a culture where out-of-the-box thinking will characterize us. Innovation is key.


Resilience – We are in an industry that changes at a mind-blowing pace with huge competitors. We need to have the resilience to refuse to lose and be relentless in our focus and execution, taking on and beating the competition across APAC.


Integrity – We need to accelerate growth, delivering on our commitments to the corporation, as well as our customers and partners, without breaking the rules of good business practice and compliance.


Trust - We need to operate and establish an environment of trust and transparency internally where everyone can share ideas and know that their opinions are valued. This will increase collaboration throughout the organization. Externally, we need to earn our keep as the trusted vendor and partner to our customers and channel.


Now that the groundwork has been laid, I am confident our team is ready to thrive on greater challenges and realize their fullest potential.


Together, we will ignite the APAC SPIRIT and take Brocade to the next level!