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From ADC to Web Security, Serving the Online Community

by MaxRiggsbee on ‎07-08-2009 05:02 PM (515 Views)

I am huge advocate of collaborative communities that empower users to increase productivity within organizations and across similar IT disciplines. With that, I am excited to announce the release of our new social community forum for our application delivery infrastructure (ADI), under Brocade’s umbrella MyBrocade Web portal. The major driver behind creating the ADI community forum is to enable current and future customers and partners with Brocade Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and Load Balancers to assist their business with rapid time to resolution for their “latest” application delivery challenge.  For example, this can enable our typical users to independently search and obtain answers to common and complex implementation questions.

Our expectation is that people involved or responsible for ensuring application delivery for their businesses and those who leverage Brocade or partner technology, will leverage the community to connect, learn, search, ask, share, and find answers in real-time for increased productivity. It is important to note, the application delivery infrastructure community forum is a hybrid community where we will have Brocade subject matter experts (SME’s) participating by sharing their experiences, providing answers, as well as learning from other users.  Ultimately, we expect the ADI community to evolve into a comprehensive collective information portal for our customers’ application delivery infrastructure with a heavy emphasis on ADC and Load balancers.
Included are discussion forums and separate dedicated zones that outline sample code to perform common Layer 4-7 application traffic management operations (e.g. performing SSL offload or rewriting HTTP content). Additionally, there are dedicated areas which outline implementation scenarios (e.g. global server load balancing) and widely used application solution integrations (e.g. IBM WebSphere integration).  In the future we plan to expand the portal to include educational and tutorial sections.

The best way to become familiar with the Brocade Application Delivery community is by visiting or by selecting application delivery infrastructure community through the community section on Remember to register for your own MyBrocade account to become actively involved in the community.