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EMC World 2009

by Ian.Whiting on ‎05-29-2009 12:40 AM (589 Views)

I recently attended EMC World 2009 where, not to take anything at all away from any of the other wonderful partners with whom we work closely, I was reminded again and again what it TRULY means to be a PARTNER, and the benefits that can be derived.


I’ll admit I was a bit concerned that the recent spate of announcements with Cisco around UCS would put us on the defensive in meetings with customers and EMC execs.  I could not have been more wrong.  While Cisco had UCS plastered all over their booth and no doubt hammered this message in their customer meetings, there was little to no interest from any of the customers I met with.  And the EMC team seemed to be much more interested in discussing current tested and proven solutions rather than proprietary, closed future technologies.


While Cisco was off spitting nails and feeling left out, I had the privilege of speaking in the main tent to the 6500 attendees about “The Seven Wonders of the Networking World”; focusing on how our technology enabled EMC solutions, and the strength of the partnership.


There were numerous highlights of the week.  We held a party for 1,000+ EMC TC's (Technical Consultants).  Despite a monsoon-like downpour they all showed up at Margaritaville at Universal studios for a fun night.  The goodwill we created was immense.  We also issued a press release with EMC highlighting 4 areas of collaboration and investment.  This made it on to the home page of  There is clearly an openness and desire to get more balanced messages out to their field and customers around the Brocade partnership and what is means.  You will be hearing a lot more about this in the weeks to come.


Fire Marshall Level Booth Traffic


From the moment attendees were allowed on the show floor through the show close on Wednesday afternoon, we experienced an extremely high volume of traffic in the booth. Our booth traffic was so heavy, within 15-minutes of the show opening we were fielding complaints from the onsite Fire Marshall. In total, we received four official Fire Marshall complaints for excessive crowds during EMC World. We now have a new success metric for EMC World 2010!


Barcelona 2 Manchester United 0

On a sad note my beloved Manchester United encountered an inspired Barcelona team in the Champion’s League Cup Final last week.  They were thoroughly out played for most of the match and finally ended up losing 2-0.  Never mind.  We are still champions of the English Premier League for the second year in a row and Champions of the World club competition.  Not a bad haul for one season!