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Don't be the frog in the boiling water

by Kelly.Herrell ‎02-03-2014 08:51 AM - edited ‎02-03-2014 09:23 AM (5,870 Views)

Advancing new software-centric network technologies requires a special breed of people willing to challenge traditional, static thinking. And, did you notice? Those people are increasingly realizing that Brocade is the place where they can exercise their valuable skills.


Today, Tom Nadeau joined Brocade’s Software Networking Business Unit where he will play a pivotal role in driving our open source efforts, specifically for OpenDaylight and OpenStack. It’s rare that you get to say you know someone who wrote the book on a subject, but in this case, we’re happy to welcome the guy who has literally written the book on SDN.


Tom joining Brocade comes right on the heels of Benson Schliesser’s appointment to our CTO office, where they join other SDN/NFV experts, including David Meyer and Curt Beckmann. Talk about working with an all-star of subject matter experts.


The world of networking is a different place now. Kyle Mestery did the world of networking a great favor when he characterized the old networking frontier (CLIs, closed source, vendor-lead, classic network appliances) with the new frontier (APIs, open source, customer-lead, NFV). But the best people need to heed the theory of the boiling frog and jump out of the old pot and into the cool, clean, progressive air of change.


We’re building on the Vyatta heritage – building up and out. Software is the new game in networking and Brocade’s playing to win.