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Complexity, Cost and Time - Life inside AND outside the data center!

by CharlieLeeming on ‎05-25-2010 09:25 AM (919 Views)

Tell me I am not alone on this… As my kids grow, my job demands increase, my body ages and I have to get a lot more accomplished in my personal life in the same fixed 7-day week…very real images enter my brain about all the data center managers I have met around the globe. Corporations are demanding more and more from their limited and often flat to down IT budgets and resources … just as life demands more from all of us as time moves forward in the same, fixed amount of time…and, at least in my case, with a less current-generation chassis!

Many of these factors are why you have seen Brocade and all of our global OEM partners continue to engage to develop more tightly integrated solutions that can be designed, procured, implemented and supported by single organizations. A recent example of this is Brocade’s work with IBM’s System x server organization. The System x group is “OEM’ing” two key platforms that are specifically designed for integration with server environments: the FCX 648 and the TurboIron 24X. With IBM selling 100’s of thousands of servers into data centers every year, their customers are asking for more tightly integrated server and networking solutions to reduce cost, improve service and manage risk while also laying the foundation for future demands on their IT. With Brocade’s deep data center networking experience, we have specifically designed our technology to not only meet the demands of today and the future, but also to be tightly integrated with broader solution providers’ overall solutions such as those from IBM.

Another great step toward simplification in the data center, while reducing costs and preparing for the future with latest generation technology. Does anybody know where I can get a new to slightly used, well-integrated chassis to simplify and streamline the operations in my personal life?