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Building the Future – Data Centers without Walls

by John.McHugh on ‎05-05-2011 06:50 AM (626 Views)

Virtualization has completely altered the nature of applications by detaching them from their underlying IT infrastructure and introducing a high degree of application mobility across the entire enterprise. We’re about to hit an evolutionary period in networking where customers are looking to transform their data centers and IT resources by migrating them to the “Virtual Enterprise”. What Brocade’s CloudPlex represents today is the ability for customers to scale their IT environments from managing hundreds of virtual machines to tens of thousands of virtual machines that are distributed and mobilized across their entire enterprise and throughout the cloud. This is not unlike the transformation Brocade made 10 years ago where our storage solutions allowed customers to unlock isolated pools of storage and integrate them into common resources.


It's this specific understanding of virtualized data center assets that has positioned us at least a year ahead of our competitors. We are able to implement current fabric solutions and create network architectures which simplify the deployment of virtualized networks. As well as being an excellent architecture for data center deployment, CloudPlex is also the foundation for leading IT solution providers to build their data center architectures around. We recognize organizations, which are designing or extending data centers, often look to IT solution providers to deliver integrated stacks.


At our recent 2011 Brocade Technology Day, we saw clear indications from companies like Dell, Hitachi and Fujitsu, to evaluate our architecture as the foundation for creating their own distinct integrated stacks. The unique ability for CloudPlex to help create these integrated stacks is built on Brocade’s inherent multi-vendor roots and its ability to embrace legacy equipment already in customers’ data centers. This allows customers to extend the capacity and capabilities of their preconfigured stacks which delivers simplicity through massive cost and time savings.


The final element, and arguably the most exciting part of the CloudPlex vision, is its additional capabilities that we will be introducing to the market over the next several years. This includes a unique set of innovative capabilities to build distributed cloud architectures that truly create a data center without walls. The ultimate value of the cloud, for service providers andenterprises alike, is that it allows them to build these architectures and solutions which are unbounded by physical distances between servers, information and applications. It effectively removes the boundaries of the economic models they can embrace when they deploy their data center strategies.