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Brocade's World-Class Data Center at San Jose Campus

by Michael.Hirahara on ‎07-12-2010 07:50 AM (670 Views)

In this video, I walk viewers through the critical design elements that make our new data center in the new campus a world-class facility in the way of space usage, energy efficiency and sustainability practices that execute on our company’s business and corporate responsibility goals. Our new data center is more than just a functional facility; it is our showcase and emblematic of our data center heritage and expertise.



Here are some facts and figures about the data center design, as well as our new campus in general, that make them world-class:


  • The data center used a flat-floor design (versus a standard raised floor approach) to support taller rack configurations providing 12% more space within the same footprint.
  • The in-row cooling and hot-row containment design provides for great flexibility for equipment density changes. We also have leading cabling designs that will make change management much easier;
  • All in all, these data center and campus designs will help Brocade qualify for one of the largest utility incentive rebates in California’s history. Specifically:
  • The campus and data center will exceed the California Energy Code requirements by 16%; 
    • We have installed a 550 kW photovoltaic system installed on the parking garage roof that makes good dual-use of an open space;
    • In the area of water conservation and recycling, we are on track to consume 40% less water than a traditional campus due to landscape and plumbing design
    • We are on track to receive a Gold rating associated with the standards established by LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which means we’ll be proudly join this distinguished list of certified/rated LEED projects here in the Silicon Valley.