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Brocade’s Half-time Show

by Mike.Klayko on ‎06-28-2012 04:19 PM (4,912 Views)

For me, summer is a bit like a half-time show. It’s a good opportunity to reflect on the outcomes since the start of the year, before hitting the field again.

Brocade has scored well in Fiscal 2012 so far. With the right equipment and loyal fans we have led the game in a number of plays including wins in school districts, colleges and stadiums.

I am proud of our team both on and off the field. Brocade has extended its reach into the communities around us. We logged nearly 5,000 hours of volunteer time, expanded our Women in Networking (WIN) initiative, and met with legislative officials in Washington D.C.

We've got some great plays coming in the rest of the season. The Company's first 'Federal Forum' will kick off in D.C. to address challenges for federal customers. Our Technology/Analyst Day will explain our new products and technologies as well as layout the financial model for FY13. And of course, Brocadians will maintain their ongoing involvement with community organizations through volunteerism and other corporate responsibility related activities that make Brocade an employer of choice.

But as we head into the July 4th holiday, I am reminded that life isn’t really a game. Whatever one’s country of origin or residence, the respect for the sacrifices of others and the responsibilities that come with independence and democracy are the true goal posts for living.   

Let it be written. Mike

on ‎09-10-2012 07:14 AM

It sounds great!

And I completly agree with that independence and democracy the true goal posts for living are.

Without them, I can´t imagine how it would be...