Brocade and NetApp Close the Encryption Knowledge Gap

by CharlieLeeming on ‎03-10-2010 02:40 AM (478 Views)

I wanted to share with you a great example of how we are using new social media tools to help connect joint partner customer communities around hot IT topics. This was the first time Brocade and NetApp had tried such an endeavor and we were both pleased to help close the knowledge gap around an increasingly important topic: data encryption.


Currently 45 states within the US have enacted consumer privacy laws to protect customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Some states like Nevada & Massachusetts have gone further to mandate the use of encryption for anyone who “collects data”. In today’s global web-based economy, it is not just financial services and healthcare organizations that collect & save customer PII, so the new mandates are far reaching. The EU also has very strict rules around personal privacy which can be addressed using encryption technologies.


Brocade and NetApp deliver solutions that can be seamlessly deployed into a customer’s data center to encrypt data stored in disk and tape storage systems. NetApp’s LKM key management products coupled with the Brocade encryption products create high performing solutions and I am glad we were able to help demystify some of the finer points for our joint customers.


The event was a great success with 4421 page views across both NetApp & Brocade communities. I am looking forward to more of these types of events where we work together with our ecosystem of partners to help simplify networking-based solutions for customers everywhere.