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Brocade Embraces Software-Defined Networking

by KenCheng_1 on ‎05-21-2012 10:00 PM (812 Views)

There has been a lot of talk about software-defined networking (SDN) lately. How does it benefit you, the customer? 


Today’s service providers and enterprises must meet the needs of their increasingly global and virtualized customers.  To realize their full potential, they must overcome the limitations of their networks, which have become massive and inflexible. 


By executing on our SDN strategy, and embedding the open networking technologies into our solutions, we are enabling our customers to realize the incredible potential of SDN.  These include network virtualization, programmatic control of the infrastructure, automatic and dynamic configuration, on-demand service insertion and pay-per-use, all through standards-based software and orchestration tools. We are making cloud service deployment faster, data center management simpler and network operation easier.


In 2010 Brocade was one of the first major networking vendors to publicly endorse OpenFlow. Since then, we have collaborated with industry thought leaders and contributed to the development, education and technical advancements of SDN.  You can read about what we are doing with NEC, here, and speaking of thought leaders, you should take a moment to watch the video interview between Daniel Williams of Brocade, and Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation.



Today we have announced our strategy and product roadmap for SDN.  SDN holds the promise of starting a new network innovation cycle and will launch a new wave of network-based applications and services. 


Our goal is to offer a highly flexible cloud-optimized network solution.  Our SDN solutions will unleash new levels of flexibility, scale, services, intelligence and analytics for our customers’ networks, without compromising performance, reliability, and user experience.


Brocade's vision for SDN:


·    Our SDN solutions will transform Brocade network infrastructure into a platform for innovation, enabling our customers to deliver new services and applications faster and to scale. This is done through OpenFlow and open service API support in our advanced routing and data center platforms. We will be the first in the industry to enable OpenFlow support in high performance 100G networks.


·         We will support extensive overlay technology to enable network virtualization. Our approach to overlay networks will be tunnel technology-agnostic. We are committed to supporting standard based overlay methods.

·         We will provide rich cloud management capabilities through the OpenStack framework with standard based plug-ins and RESTful interfaces.

·         We are partnering with industry technology leaders and network operators to deliver high value network applications including advanced traffic engineering, enhanced flow management and large scale data center management.

·         We believe that Ethernet fabric-based networks are critical to realizing the full potential of SDN.


The success of SDN lies in enabling innovation through an open environment.  We are committed to working with our customers and partners to develop compelling solutions to solve the challenges that face them each day.  What challenges are you facing in your network? 


Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.