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Big Blue Back in Networking Biz & Bitten by the Sharks (San Jose that is)

by Ian.Whiting on ‎04-29-2009 12:20 AM (776 Views)

Mark the date – April 28th 2009. IBM’s Dynamic Infrastructure announcement yesterday is the type of move that will send more than a few ripples through the industry puddle. Maybe I’m a touch biased; however, I think this article demonstrates the Brocade Butterfly Effect within that Big Blue puddle.


It’s been 10 years since IBM built and sold its own branded IP networking products. In 1999 IBM sold the patents and technology of its Network Hardware Division (NHD) to Cisco for $600 Million. Since that date IBM has been one of Cisco’s largest, if not THE LARGEST customer and user of Cisco networking gear - So why the change?


IBM understands that the network is going to play a much larger role in the way customers build intelligent, high performing, virtualized data centers. It is also clear that customers are better served by a more open, industry-wide and best-of-class approach to building virtual data centers and would prefer to work with a company like Brocade whose philosophy and DNA is all about enabling customers to reap the benefits of open, industry standard solutions.


Take for example HP’s most recent announcement on server virtualization “HP Matrix”


I think the Mike Klayko says it best regarding these un-tested, version 1.0, proprietary, Swiss Army Knife approaches (Disclaimer – I can’t cut through warm butter with mine and the tweezer always jams up).

Once Bitten Twice Shy Babe (lyrics by Ian…Ian Hunter for Great White)


More specifically, I’ve been bitten by the San Jose Sharks. I am a complete convert to the sport; the speed, aggression, skill and excitement. This is my favorite of the big five US sports.Closest to my true passion which is Rugby.


Ice hockey ranks 4th on the list of most popular sports in US: NFL, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. With the Sharks in the play-offs, clinching the President’s Trophy for most wins, it’s great to have “another” winner in town and even though the Ducks did prevail in the play-offs, the Sharks did not go down without a fight, literally.





I wonder what famed hockey announcer/commentator Don Cherry would say if he was to do some play-by-play on the current battle going on for data center supremacy? (notice that Don is sporting Brocade Red)


Is Brocade Gretzky or Sykes in this linked video clip? Or maybe we are the referee skating away getting all the new customers while the other “playaz” roll around like broken zambonies, or jabronis for that matter.


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