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A Global RX for Healthy Networks

by Daniel.Fairfax on ‎04-28-2010 11:30 AM (318 Views)

I love analogies because, for me at least they make it a lot easier to understand how something works. So here is my proposition: for many years, businesses both large and small have invested in networks that have become the circulatory systems for their business information. Just like in the human body, when the blood stops flowing well, the patient gets weak or worse. The network works the same way.

For instance, how did you feel the last time your network failed to serve up the information you wanted? Probably the same as me: not so great. When data and communications stop moving, organizational effectiveness declines—sometimes very rapidly.

At Brocade, we believe that a well-planned and well-supported network can allow a business to run the equivalent of the corporate marathon. In contrast, a poorly supported network is akin to living with heart disease, which can make it difficult to walk around the block or even up the stairs.

So take a look at your own personal lifestyle and ask: What does it take to keep yourself healthy in today’s fast-paced environment? We each choose a path that fits our own individual needs. While I may like to work out at the gym and get my healthcare from a large HMO, you may prefer to play tennis and rely on your local family-practice doctor.

Ask ten of your best friends and you will get ten different answers on what works best for each of them. The point is that there is no one right answer as long as we are doing something to take care of ourselves. However, when your chosen medical providers need assistance on a problem, they turn to a specialist with deep expertise and specialized medical training.

When it comes to supporting networks—whether they are in the core of your business, connecting your workforce, or at your ISP—Brocade understands everyone’s needs are unique. We also believe that our customers should be able to select and work with the IT professionals of their choice—making sure they deploy a network that best fits their unique business needs.

No matter whom your preferred network partner is—whether it is a global integrator, server manufacturer, or your trusted local VAR—Brocade stands behind them to provide the networking support they need to meet your most critical requirements. Brocade has a proven track record of supporting its partners and fully understands that making them successful is the key to our customers’ success. And that success hinges on freedom of choice.

In an emergency, just like the heart specialist who steps in to ensure that your blood keeps flowing, Brocade support experts stand ready to keep your network traffic circulating to help ensure that your business stays healthy for a long time.

When you or your partner need help onsite to help solve a problem just remember Brocade still makes house calls.