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A Complete Vision for Creating Virtualization Domains without Boundaries

by John.McHugh on ‎08-21-2012 09:36 AM (919 Views)

I remember two years ago at VMworld listening to the VMware presentation about the vision for creating virtualization domains without boundaries. What was especially interesting to me was how perfectly VMware’s vision of software abstraction meshed with the Brocade vision of an innovative network infrastructure that could provide unmatched ease of deployment, scalable performance, and inherent resiliency to support this extensible abstraction.

VMware’s vision was that scaling and managing data center resources should be incredibly easy and flexible. It should not be bounded by arbitrary constraints of uptime and distance. And while they admitted that there were still challenges to overcome, they had great confidence that this vision would be realized. The most evident challenge facing this vision was the ability to overcome the limitations to deliver high availability across distributed locations.

Later that very year, Brocade announced the industry’s first Ethernet fabric solutions (now deployed in over 650 data centers worldwide) and started talking about a technology that would overcome many of the challenges of supporting information and application virtualization over distance. Our Ethernet fabric solutions set new standards for ease of use, scalable bandwidth, and high resiliency—all of which provided the very foundation that the VMware vision required. When we announced our support and endorsement of the VXLAN standard last year, Brocade conveyed our commitment not to tag along, but to provide genuine leadership and accelerate the achievement of a complete vision.

At VMworld later this month, Brocade will proudly showcase the fruits of our mutual commitment and partnership with VMware to remain on the leading edge of this vision. We will showcase new capabilities running on our Ethernet fabric solutions—not just supported as an afterthought, but as the ideal platform for an easy-to-deploy, scalable, extensible, and resilient virtualization domain. This unveiling will showcase the perfect marriage of VMware’s vision with Brocade’s.  

We invite all of our customers, and those who are interested in seeing the future of extensible data center architectures, to see how virtualization and the ideal cloud-optimized network can produce amazing new capabilities. And, if that weren’t enough, at Brocade Analyst and Technology Day on September 12, we will unveil even greater scalability, ease of use, and resiliency for our industry-leading Ethernet fabric solutions, making the relevance of our VMworld showcase even more significant.

Are we excited?  You bet we are!