100 Gig is Here!

by KenCheng_2 on ‎02-07-2011 01:21 PM (283 Views)

Brocade is ready to hit the market in 2011 with its first 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) productsto meet the growing demands for moving data on corporate networks and the Internet. In the next few posts, I’d like to explain to you how Brocade sees 100 GbE serving end user customers and service providers by satisfying their need for speed.

We’re seeing consumers downloading movies to their TVs and computers in masses from services like Netflix and Blockbuster, while businesses are demanding more bandwidth for video conferencing and collaboration.

Looking back a couple months, we had a demonstration at the New Orleans Supercomputing 2010 event; we consolidated multiple 10-gig streams of research organizations doing high performance computing into a single 100-gig connection.

2010-11-16 10.18.43.jpg

Enormous amounts of research data are uploaded to the cloud to share with researchers in their respective labs.  Previously, we’d create a trunk of multiple 10-gig pipes, but when the data gets to a certain large size, chopping it up into smaller pipes is inefficient. But a single 100-gig pipe will deliver an immediate 10X increase in performance over a single 10-gig connection.

Surprisingly, a 100-gig Ethernet connection is not 10 times more expensive than 10-gig Ethernet. Right now it is slightly less and will eventually be significantly less.

When we begin shipping 100-gig in April of 2011, we’ll be pricing it less than $100,000 a port while pricing from companies like Cisco, Juniper or Alcatel is projected at $800,000 a port. Our mission is to enable the 100-gig market by driving down the cost so that customers can afford to utilize it.

In part two of my report, I’ll explain the benefits of 100-gig to service providers and application developers.