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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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vyatta and ldap authentication

I'm trying to set up ldap authentication for service-users to microsoft AD .

I've configured the vyatta with the following command

set resources service-users ldap domain.local url 'ldap://dc02.domain.local'

but when I try to authenticate to the vyatta service user portal it always fails whatever user format I tried

can anyone help me with this issue ?



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Registered: ‎03-29-2016

Re: vyatta and ldap authentication

An update .
we tried also local authentication , adding a local user , but it fails as well .
thanks for any help
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Re: vyatta and ldap authentication

[ Edited ]

There is bug VRVDR-32735 ( LDAP authentication user cannot open Vyatta Service-User Web portal page (5.1R1). ) fixed in 17.1.0.
The vRouter always try local authentication instead of LDAP for service users. We are waiting for the release.

Are you trying to configure OpenVPN with AD based authentication? Could you please share the version and configuration?

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