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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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vRouter5400 and IPSEC VPN...

Greetings!   I need to build an IPSEC tunnel over the Internet, between two sites.  The bandwidth available is 30Mbit.  How can I tell whether vRouter5400 will handle encrypting data at AES256, at [up to] 30Mbit?    It's probably dependant on the resources given to it in my VMware environment, which makes sense.    Can vRouter 5400 do this, or do I need an external physical firewall to do this?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: vRouter5400 and IPSEC VPN...

Hi Alex,


Yes, you are correct it is dependent on the amount of resources you can allocate to it.  I believe you can find some helpful pointers in the reference.

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