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vRouter BGP extended ASN

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Hi I am trying to set up BGP but I get this error.


[protocols bgp XXXXXX ]

% Extended asn capability is not enabled

network synchronization
Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Error configuring routing subsystem. See log for more detailed information

[[protocols bgp XXXXXX]] failed
Commit failed



How can I enable extended capability? 

I see no documentation about this issue.





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Re: vRouter BGP extended ASN

also in log:


Nov 9 07:31:54 vyatta-br-1 vyatta-cfg-quagga[7108]: /usr/bin/vtysh -c configure terminal -c router bgp XXXXXX -c network sync
hronization failed: 1280

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Re: vRouter BGP extended ASN



 You are attempting to support 4Byte ASNs vs the old school 2Byte ASN correct? My understanding is that Vyatta supports this out of the box without the need for specifying the RFC compliance explicitely. The tab completion suggests this support:
 set protocols bgp
Possible completions:
 > <1-4294967294>


What was the exact command that you typed? If you want to obsfucate your AS number, use xxxxxxx as you did in your example.

Based on the error for network synch, I am assuming that you have one AS that passes traffic between "this" router and a third? i.e. you want it to learn and validate igp before BGP validates the new route?



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Re: vRouter BGP extended ASN

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