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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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unable to configure RIP in vyatta

I have Installed and configured two Vyatta routers in Virtual box using (vyatta-livecd_VC6.5R1_i386.iso). Am unable to configure RIP in the routers following the link (


- Below are the interface Details in Router_1:

etho -

eth1 -


- Below are the interface Details in Router_2:

etho -

eth1 -


- When RIP is configured, I am able to see only the directly connected nodes(c). Unable to view the RIP (R).

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Re: unable to configure RIP in vyatta

Hello Vijay,


RIP should be relatively simple to setup.  Eg config on both routers would probably look something like this

 protocols {
     rip {
         redistribute {
             connected {



The config guide that you have referenced is not the right one for the 5400 vrouter.  But it shouldn't matter for this configuration - for future you need to be looking at


It would be helpful if you could provide a bit more detail of what works and what doesn't along with some show commands and the pertinent parts of your configuration so that the community can help you better.



Can you confirm the topology - I assume that it is       eth1-rtr1-eth0---------eth0-rtr2-eth1

Can you ping between and

What does the output of "show ip rip" look like?

What does the output of "show ip route" look like?





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