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kernel acting as more specific route


I have a case where kernel route is acting as a more specific route and the one I configured manuall (static route) is not being installed in the oruting table.  If this is a bug, is there any CVE number or bug report? Otherwise, is there anyway to have this static route being used and not the kernel route? Upgrading the vyatta code would help? What about rebooting?
My code version is:VSE6.7R10



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Re: kernel acting as more specific route

Hello Bauke,


As far as I know these routes are likely to have been added directly into the kernel, probably as root (if that has been enabled in vrouter)


Rebooting could help, particularly if the routes haven't been added as persistent.


You could try and remove the routes by logging in as root.


Alternatively you could make the routes in vrouter more specific - eg if your kernel route is a /8 then you could break it up into two /9 prefixes and have two routes in vrouter.  In which case "longest prefix match" should take precedence over the kernel routes.



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