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compiling vrouter with net namespaces

I'm running VC6.6 version and would like to compile a version with net namespaces enabled in the kernel.  I've git cloned the the kernel and tried to compile it, but need more help.  Is there a howto for compile/install a new kernel?

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Re: compiling vrouter with net namespaces

Hi Bill,

In general, re-compiling the code would be outside of the support agreement. However since you are running the community edition there are some clues in the following sites:

Also, if you have the build environment setup like in the README file then it is only a few commands.

Check out the following 2 sections:

Getting Submodules Source and Building

Build submodules

git clone

cd build-iso

git checkout daisy

git submodule update --init pkgs/linux-image cd pkgs/linux-image git checkout daisy cd ../..

autoreconf -i


make linux-image

Here is another link that may be helpful as well:;a=blob;f=README;hb=daisy

Finally, we do not have any Vyatta specific documentation on building a kernel, however, the internet probably has tonnes of docs on how to build a kernel.

I hope the above helps!

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Re: compiling vrouter with net namespaces

If you want just the kernel. build it as any other debian package, with debuild. Checkout to daisy branch before building with "git checkout daisy".

Don't try to compile the whole ISO image though, it doesn't work anymore. Also, note that the source at does not get updated anymore (see the last commit dates).

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