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address group limitation

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We have an issue with our vyatta. It seems that it's not possible to create more than 33 address groups !!


Below is the error I have, when I try to create the 33rd address group.


The version of my vyatta is :


show version
Version:      3.5R7
Description:  Brocade vRouter 5600 3.5 R7

I've tried also on the 4.2, same thing!



admin@vrouter-vyatta-3# set resources group address-group GROUPE-033 address
admin@vrouter-vyatta-3# commit
[resources group address-group] Invalid number of nodes: must be in the range 0 to 32 [[resources group address-group]] failed. Commit failed! [edit]


Did anyone get this problem before ?



Help please..


Thank you.




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Re: address group limitation

I haven't had this issue before, but I have confirmed it with the 5600 v4.1R2. 


If you are on support, request an RFE, if you are not let me know and I will get one filed.

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