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Vyatta Stateful/Stateless Configuration

Can I configure a Vyatta firewall to provide stateful connections to a set of TCP source and desitation ports/IP address pairs while handling all other connections as stateless?



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Re: Vyatta Stateful/Stateless Configuration

Hi there


I think you should be able do that on a per rule basis.


To enable it (or disable) it on a rule I think you control it with the state option within the rule itself


set firewall name <your_firewall_policy> <your rule number> state established disable

set firewall name <your_firewall_policy> <your rule number> state state disable



best check to see what you have set as a global, only that you might already have it enable across all rules


# show firewall state-policy
established {
action accept
related {
action accept


Hope that helps



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