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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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Vyatta 6.6 R1 with single WAN but Dual IP




- I have my Vyatta 6.6 R1 running as a VM on ESXi 5.1.

- I have one virtual NIC for Vyatta facing internally with a 10.x.x.x IP.

- I had one virtual NIC for Vyatta facing the modem, with a single IP address and this was working.

- I have installed a second virtual NIC for Vyatta facing the modem.

- I have given it DHCP and it does take a valid IP address from my modem.


What I tried:

- I tried to setup a second SNAT rule with masquarading.

- I tried adding DNAT rules to handle the incoming.

- I tried making a new firewall named for the NIC and attaching it at the NIC level.



- All of this resulted in a working inbound connection, where what I routed through my second and first public IPs was passing through but connections from the inside and outside were all unstable.

- Running 'show nat source translations' I saw that most of the connections were split evenly between the two public IPs and that is not the rules I setup.


What I want:

- I do not know enough to understand what the options in Vyatta are for, at least not all of them, so please understand.

- I want all of my internal connections out to use the first IP only.

- I want anything that connects in through the first IP to respond out using that same first IP.

- I want anything that connects in through the second IP to respond out using the same second IP.


I have seen options like the load balancing and so on which I do not fully understand, and I am not sure what I need here to make this stable.


Please help.



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