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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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Recipe for Vyatta network configuration, from start to finish?

Is there a written recipe for using the live CD to install a Vyatta trial system in a VirtualBox VM and then configure its ethernet interfaces from inside the system?  I mean, starting from configuring the NICs in VirtualBox and ending with `ip a` and `netstat -nr` inside the running Vyatta saying reasonable things?  Even better if I can SSH into it from my host.


I found but its pictures diverge from what I get when it shows eth0 having an address (which, BTW, is not on the subnet that my host reports using for the virtual box bridge) --- I do not see eth0 having an address, and the instructions in there do not mention giving eth0 an address.

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Re: Recipe for Vyatta network configuration, from start to finish?

The documentation does explain how to configure the NICs after vRouter has been installed. 


Basically, add the required NIC's to the VM, install vRouter, login with admin privileges, and then run the following commands after entering values that suit your environment: 


show configuration

This will list all found NICs and their HW IDs.  Compare their values with the MAC Addresses that VirtualBox displays for each NIC. 



set interfaces ethernet ethN address IP_Address/CIDR    (multiple set lines can be entered)

commit    (saves changes to memory)

save   (saves changes to config.boot file)


ethN = 0 for the first NIC, 1 for the second NIC, etc

IP_Address = IP that the respective NIC should use

CIDR = 8 for A class subnet, 16 for B class, 24 for C class  (is super-netting is being used, then its appropriate CIDR should be used instead)

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