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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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QOS policy setting for Bandwidht shaping is not working properly

I configured the vRouter with WAN interface which is facing the internet. I am setting traffic shaping for bandwidth by setting default profile with bandwidth. When I set the interface with bandwidth of 512kbps and we are able to ping the interface from other machine which is connected to samesubnet and interface IP is reachable. When we change to 128 kbs or 64kbps, after a min, the interface is not pingable from other machine. Why this is happening. I think 64kbps or 128 kbps is still good enouhg ping the IP. Can somebody provide any clue on Brocade vrouter 3.2 version


Also when I speed test the interface with iperf, it shows the bandwidth as 150 MB but I set the bandwidh shaping with 512kbps on that WAN inteface. Not sure why it is not reflecting the bandwidth on the interface.


Anyhelp is highly appreciated.

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