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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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Feedback Please: 6.6r3 and Clustering support

Hello Everyone,


  I figured I would ask the community for feedback and experiences regarding their implementation of clustering with Vyatta?

We have two physical boxes that balance traffic with BGP. I am thinking of moving away from this topology and implementing clustering.



I have site to site VPNs

  - BGP peering and policy based vpns

I have bgp peering to my own edge (just default route origination)

Various internal sub-interfaces (vifs) with their own policies and ACLs


part of my believes that just a couple of vrrp-groups, bgp peers and communities is probably more than good enough and no real need to cluster. I am questioning the setup only because I end up with Firewall1 and Firewall2 that are more or less "independent" whereas a cluster would basically make it one logical firewall running on 2 physical units.




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