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Does anyone know how to install ML2 on Havana version?

Hi All,


I am trying to configure vyatta Openstack plugin in customer POC.


Customer is using Openstack Havana version, when I try to set ML2 configuration, I can't find ml2_conf.ini file. And customer also told me ML2 shouldn't be installed.


I also try this command "apt-get install neutron-<Tab>"

root@controller:/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/neutron/plugins/ml2# apt-get install neutron-
neutron-common                    neutron-plugin-linuxbridge        neutron-plugin-openvswitch
neutron-dhcp-agent                neutron-plugin-linuxbridge-agent  neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent
neutron-l3-agent                  neutron-plugin-metaplugin         neutron-plugin-plumgrid
neutron-lbaas-agent               neutron-plugin-metering-agent     neutron-plugin-ryu
neutron-metadata-agent            neutron-plugin-midonet            neutron-plugin-ryu-agent
neutron-plugin-bigswitch          neutron-plugin-mlnx-agent         neutron-plugin-vpn-agent
neutron-plugin-brocade            neutron-plugin-nec                neutron-server
neutron-plugin-cisco              neutron-plugin-nec-agent         
neutron-plugin-hyperv             neutron-plugin-nicira


But no any related neutron-plugin-ml2 software package found.


Does anyone have some experience for this?




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