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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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Bug? Windows 10 Pro vRouter 5600 GRE tunnel through OpenVPN doesn't work.

Not sure if I am in the correct discussion group or no one knows the answer but what is this interface .spathintf and what its used for?  Service Path Interface for routing protocols? my best guess.


The issue I am having is this.  I am running Windows 10 Pro, Installed vRouter 5600 with a trial license on the Hyper-V VM.  I create an openVPN (vtun0) tunnel and I am able to reach across the network with pings both directions.  I configured the GRE tunnel (tun0) and was able to ping to the remote side.  However, the remote side could not ping the local side of the GRE tunnel IP.   All these packets hit the tun0 then the ICMP reply is sent to the .spathintf  ( Verified using Monitor IP-Traffic) .  I rebooted the vRouter and now all packets sourced from the tun0 are sent to the interface .spathintf.


I did read there was a problem with Windows Server 2012 and GRE is this problem also seen in Windows Pro you can use GRE tunnels?




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Re: Bug? Windows 10 Pro vRouter 5600 GRE tunnel through OpenVPN doesn't work.

Hello @himes1024


While we still encourage the community to assist with your post, we noticed you have a TAC case open regarding this issue. While engaged and working on a resolution with TAC Support, please continue to communicate directly with your TAC Support Engineer to avoid any private, customer-specific information from being posted to the Community.

Once your case is closed, if appropriate, we will post the resolution to this thread to help others within the Community; or, if you'd prefer, please come back and post the resolution yourself.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help faciliate your case resolution.

Best Regards,

Denise K.
Brocade Community Team

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