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Virtual Router/ Firewall/ VPN

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Brocade_5600_vRouter_3.5R6S3_4CPU-16GB-8IF and zones.

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Is this version really old or something?

It seems to be missing stuff like local-zone, so I can't actually use zones AT ALL. (Or I'm doing it really wrong.)


All I want to be able to achieve: remote access to the firewall to configure it, and working nat for the other websites

What I achieved, no packets what so ever.


(Update, it seems $provider locked down the "set interfaces" command just a bit too much, that sort of explains the unusable NAT.)

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Re: Brocade_5600_vRouter_3.5R6S3_4CPU-16GB-8IF and zones.

The 5600 v3.5R6 was released in October of 2015, while v3.5 R7  was released at the end of March. There wasn't any significant changes in the Firewall elements after R3.


There is a nerwer line with the v4.x code base which was released in November of last year, with the latestest release, v4.2r1 being released last month.


Do you have a sample config?

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