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The BR-5600-3V, allows for 3 vCPU's to be assigened to the vROUTER.  Is there a limit to the cores that can be assigned to each vCPU?  And is there a recommended minimum cores to be assigned to insure 10G throughput?

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Re: BR-5600-3V

We recommend 3 CPUs for 10G FD of throughput. vCPU is what is ssen by vRouter as a VM. a vCPU can be a physical or a logical core if hyperthreading is enabled. If you purchased a BR-5600-3V license, you're allowed to have up to 3 CPUs in the dataplane. "monitor dataplane" will tell you if you're in complaince.

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Re: BR-5600-3V

I have a related question.


I am scoping out HW and SW needed for a site-to-site IPsec VPN with 10 Gbps of aggregate throughput (real throughput is much less but this is for future growth).  I will need 2 IPsec Tunnels/endpoint. I have three endpoints. I will be using pci passthrough. the IPsec device will be a VM.


will a BR-5600-3v license support the 10 Gbps? Will I a server with four cores suffice? Is there any documenation that explains how the 3 CPUs are used?


thanks in advance

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