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Automated deployment in ESXi 6.0

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I'm attempting to do an automated deployment of the vRouter 5400 6.7R9 onto VMware ESXi 6.0 Update 1.


Right now, I can manually install the image using either the ovf template or iso and configure it manually.



When I configure an instance (installed using either the template or ISO) with a static IP and create a OVF from the resulting VM, the VM fails to come up cleanly.


Every time I've been getting the following output when the VM comes up:


Starting open-vm daemon: vmtoolsd.

Starting network plug daemon: netplugd.

Starting deferred execution scheduler: atd.

Starting periodic command scheduler: cron.

Loading cpufreq kernel modules...done (none).

Starting ACPI services...

Starting routing daemons: imi nsm mribd pimd ripd ripngd ospfd ospf6d bgpd.

Starting Vyatta router: migrate rl-system firewall configure failed!



If I log in and check the config, it comes up with a different set of interfaces then the one I initially configured.



Has anyone been able to accomplish something like this?

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Re: Automated deployment in ESXi 6.0

When the vRouter is cumming up it reads the configuration file and reserves the ethx interfaces that were previously installed and adds new interfaces from the end.


One way to get around this is to edit the config.boot in the OVA to remove the HW addressees from the config and make sure that the HW addresses presented by the Hyper-visor increment. 

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