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what does the message "protocol daemon is not running" mean?

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Hi,I try to configure the IP address of eth0, but when I attempt to commit my configuration, there comes some errors:

vyatta@vyatta# set interfaces ethernet eth0 address
[ interfaces ethernet eth0 ]
% Protocol daemon is not running

[[interafces ethernet eth0]] failed
[[interafces ethernet eth0 smp_affinity]] failed
Commit failed

Licensing disable on Live CD

What these messages mean ?

And how to fix it ?

Thank you!



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Re: what does the message "protocol daemon is not running" mean?

I ran into this exact same issue when trying to run Vyatta in VMWare Fusion v4.1 on my macbook air.


Try running "install system" command once you get the VM up and running. You can simply accept all the defaults and the reboot the system after install is complete. At that point the VM will be completely installed as an OS, and should have access to all of the system resources necessary to bind all relavent protocols.


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