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Tips And Tricks For Attending A Conference In San Francisco

by ShelbyKhan on ‎08-28-2015 11:55 AM (4,933 Views)

San Francisco. The land of the Giants, bridges, startups and hipsters. With so many conferences at The Moscone Center, we wanted to provide a simple guide to help you navigate the 7x7 square plot of land. First and foremost, if you plan to play tourist, here is a map to understand the different neighborhoods of San Francisco.


san francisco neighborhood map.png

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To build this list, we crowdsourced recommendations from our employees at Brocade (Brocadians) and our social media communities. Be sure to check back from time to time because we will continue to expand and improve the list for attending a conference in San Francisco. Did we miss your favorite stop? Leave us a comment!


Tips to avoid traffic
You can’t actually avoid traffic, but you can improve your chances.

Many Brocadians suggest taking public transportation or walking whenever possible. If you are visiting from out of town, you are probably staying in one of the 20,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of The Moscone Center, so that is probably your best option.


Since our Headquarters is located in San Jose, many of us commute to San Francisco for conferences and rely on BART, MUNI Metro, or Cal Train. These are all located within a short walk to The Moscone Center.


Best Coffee shop in San Francisco

Finding the right coffee shop near The Moscone Center is important.

In all reality, this should have been first because no sane person would dare start their day without a cup of coffee.

There is no shortage of great coffee in San Francisco, but how do you decide which coffee shop suits your tastes best? Our community provided a variety of recommendations for around The Moscone Center, check the map below to find which ones you want to try.


Note: Since Starbucks is located on nearly every corner in San Francisco (slight exaggeration), we opted to leave it out of this list. We figured it was an obvious option for the caffeine addict and would overwhelm our map.


Caffe Centro – “It's a short walk from Moscone but I love Café Centro in South Park. A nice scenic escape from the city and amazing caps!” @laurenbarnard (Instagram)
Philz Coffee – “@PhilzCoffee for sure!” @katieobrienSF (Twitter)
Blue Bottle Coffee – “@bluebottleroast is all you need.”@_drbruced (Twitter)
The Creamery – “The Creamery is my go-to coffee stop every time I’m in the area.“ Jeni Lloyd (Product Marketing at Brocade)


San Francisco coffee map near the Moscone Center

View the map here


Best Lunch in San Francisco

How do you chose where to eat when there are so many options?

The great thing about San Francisco is that Yelp! is widely used. You can easily find places around you that are recommended by “Elite” users with detailed reviews.


While the lunches served at conferences in The Moscone Center are generally very good, if you are looking for a walk outside we have a few recommendations for you. Try The Grove for sandwiches and salads, they get two thumbs up from our Global Events Manager, Melissa Osburn. You can also check out Mel’s Drive-in, @IPv6Freely (Twitter) is a fan of this blast from the past diner.


Best View in San Francisco

There is a reason people leave their hearts in San Francisco.

Whether you love the city lights, majestic bridges, or the Pacific Ocean, there is a view for everyone in San Francisco. You can’t come to this city without losing your breath at least once, and it isn’t only due to climbing the hills.


The general consensus from Brocadians is to check out the view from the rooftop bar at the Marriott Marquis, aptly named The View. We also received a recommendation from our Facebook friend, Storage Bear, who suggests visiting Baker Beach.   



Thank you to everyone who participated in crowdsourcing these tips. We were given many recommendations from both Brocadians and our social media community, it was hard to decide which ones to use!


We have had a lot of fun creating this best practices guide and we hope you find it useful. Did we miss your favorite stop in San Francisco? Leave us a comment!