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Under The Wing

How Brocade Supports Cancer Awareness Month

by Jackie Szeto ‎10-19-2016 03:55 PM - edited ‎10-19-2016 03:58 PM (2,258 Views)

What supportive messages would you say to colleagues, friends, and/or family members who currently are or have battled cancer? If you are a cancer survivor, what advice or preventative tips would you give to others? Employees’ words and encouraging messages is one of the ways Brocade provide greater awareness to cancer. Cancer is a serious problem globally with over 14 million new cases each year, and is expected to increase to 21 million new cases by 2030. As a company, we encourage employees and their family members to stay healthy with their well-being through the corporate health and wellness strategy, WellFit. Every October, WellFit promotes Cancer Awareness Month, which highlights common cancers (blood, breast, colon, gastrointestinal, lung, and prostate) and provides preventative health tips, recipes, and resources for local cancer organizations.


Throughout the month, our global sites provide impactful opportunities to increase employees’ knowledge and awareness on cancer and prevention. From on-site seminars discussing general cancer and nutrition topics to on-site cancer detection camps, WellFit’s efforts inspire healthy behavioral and lifestyle changes. This year, we asked employees to share a personal story or a supportive message for those with cancer on a canvas or posterboard. An associated cancer ribbon color (ie: orange for blood cancer) enhances the messages. The responses are overwhelming with positivity, hope, and inspirational. It is insightful to see how cancer has affected everyone in some way. Below are some of the messages from our canvas in the San Jose office:


“Get checked regularly. Early detection is key!”


“Mom = Survivor”


“To those fighting – Stay Strong!”


“Every time you hear of a loss, make an improvement in your life against cancer.”


Share a personal story or a supportive message


We invite employees and their families to participate in fun, community events which benefit local health related organizations. Recently, WellFit and Brocade’s charitable giving program, B-Involved, partnered with two community events – the Canary Challenge, a bike charity ride in Palo Alto, California and the Light the Night walk in Denver, Colorado. Fundraising from the two events further the organizations’ research on cancer detection and treatment. These events are a great way to incorporate physical activity and also benefit the community.


Brocade Canary Challenge


Brocade Light the Night


Prevention is important to lessen your risk for cancer. Continue with healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating healthy, not smoking, staying physically active, seeing your doctor for cancer screenings and immunizations, and avoiding risky behaviors and toxins. Together, let’s find a cure and beat cancer!