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Today, Network Functions Virtualization is already being used by many of the largest cloud service providers and telecoms providers look set to be the next to follow. From our conversations with telecoms operators, we know that in general, the industry has now realised the potential value of NFV. For the bigger telecoms players, it is now really just a question of when and how they choose to implement NFV. Brocade has already been working with Telefonica to demonstrate the potential of NFV and we are likely to see deployments happening within the telecoms space in the next 12 months.


Partners participating in our channel survey told us they look for a combination of differentiated technologies, compelling vision and strategy, and a strong program when selecting vendors.  It’s the exponential power of these three pieces – innovative technologies, compelling vision, and a program that delivers rewards to partners -- that combine to make mutually successful partnerships.  And that’s why it’s especially gratifying to see Brocade recognized by CRN in the first several months of 2015 for delivering this power of three to our channel partners. 


A More Modern Look, as Brocade Modernizes the Networking Industry

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At Brocade, we are modernizing the networking industry with New IP hardware and software solutions that are open, agile, automated, scalable and support new applications, thus enabling customers to innovate faster for a lower cost.


Brocade channel partners, I’d like to flag for you Brocade’s announcement today, of the new Brocade ICX 7250 switch as well as a Switch Port Extender for the ICX 7000 family and an expanded channel sales promotion for you and your customers to quickly benefit from these latest Brocade innovations. 


In a recent interview published in CRN, Brocade VP, Worldwide Channels Bill Lipsin talked about which market transitions every reseller needs to understand, and how partnering with Brocade is different from working with other vendors. 




Brocade IP Storage Switch Selected as First for EMC, EMC Channel

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Testifying to Brocade’s innovation and market leadership, EMC has chosen Brocade as the first and only IP partner for its Connectrix product portfolio.  This means the Brocade VDX 6940B IP storage switch, based on Brocade VCS fabric technology, will now also be available through EMC channel partners.  


Recommended Channel Reads: 2015 Predictions, SDN, Cloud, Key Events

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As you look to map out another year of success in the channel, as we are at Brocade, wanted to pass on some personal recommendations to add to your reading list.  These are all meaty yet concise reads or resources covering topics from predictions for the channel business, the major shifts happening with SDN/NFV and cloud, and channel-focused events you may want to have on your radar. 


Partners: New Marketing Tips & Resources – Webinars Jan 15 & 20

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If you are in a marketing role with a Brocade partner, this short webinar is designed just for you, offered in a choice of time zones either Jan 15 or 20.  Get ready for marketing success with Brocade in 2015 by learning about new tools, sales assets, lead generation capabilities, social media support, website content and other resources we’re making available to our partners – for free.


Read on to find out what you'll learn by joining, and to register.


Happy Holidays from Brocade!

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To all of our partners, best wishes for the holidays.  Looking forward to another year ahead of shared success!




Tech Data has awarded Brocade its prestigious VAR Vendor Partner of the Year, citing our extraordinary commitment to the channel and partnership with Tech Data, through innovative thinking, long-term marketing investments and an exclusive initiative to drive brand awareness.


Bill Lipsin: Memorable Moments of 2014 . . . and Resolutions for the New Year

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As the end of one calendar year approaches and the start of new one is around the corner, I asked Brocade’s VP of Global Channel Sales and Marketing to share some of his memorable moments of 2014, and what his biggest plans are for 2015.



As a follow up to my earlier blog interview on our channel enablement strategy, I wanted to call your attention toward two updated courses of that many of our channel partners may find of interest:


We have parsed EMEA data from Brocade’s recently issued annual global channel survey and are presenting here so you can more easily see how the region compares to the rest of the world.


Brocade Channel VP, Partners on Capturing the Opportunity in Software

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"We have the software, we have the enablement and now we have the programs" to help Brocade partners capture new sales opportunities given the accelerating shift to software-defined networking, Brocade Channel Sales VP Bill Lipsin told CRN in an interview published earlier today.  Hardware plays an important role in Brocade's SDN strategy, however, as Brocade makes sure we "keep a good balance" in meeting the needs of VARs who take a hardware-centric approach, adding on software, as well as those VARs with a software-only model for network virtualization.


Here's what two of our partners had to say about working with Brocade to capture the SDN opportunity.  Please check out the full article on   


Brian Conboy, president of Advanticom, a Pittsburgh-based solution provider and Brocade partner, said he expects his Brocade business to be up roughly 30 percent in 2015, and that the Vyatta line, although early-on, is "resonating well" with customers.

Conboy also applauded the support Brocade has offered Advanticom, especially in its pivot toward more software-based solutions.


"Brocade engages us on a one-to-one basis, where the people who work with us know our business and know our marketplace," Conboy said. "Other manufacturers have programs for partner enablement -- and they are great programs -- but Brocade is more personally engaged."


Andrew Fisher, CEO of Myriad Supply, a New York-based solution provider and Brocade partner, said one of the big differentiators of the Vyatta platform and controller is that it works with a range of underlying physical and virtual network infrastructures, and also lets customers ease into SDN deployments without having to perform a full rip-and-replace.

"Brocade provides customers with the ability to dip a toe in the SDN waters through a limited deployment so they can experience the benefits of policy-driven control and self-service automation firsthand, or take a more conservative approach to adoption through a phased migration," Fisher said in an email to CRN. "This is incredibly valuable to customers that may have concerns about being early adopters or with environments so large that a wholesale transition wouldn't be possible."


Fisher, who said his Brocade business is on target to grow more than 70 percent this year, added that some of the flexibility offered through the Vyatta platform comes from its "extensive support" for OpenFlow protocol.


Channel Survey: Brocade Partners Leading Key Trends, Helping Customers Redefine Networks

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The results are in from Brocade's 2014 Channel Survey. Thank you to the nearly 600 Brocade partners from all corners of the world who participated. 


Here's a preview of key findings.  Brocade will share more in a news release and report next week, but I wanted you, our partners, to be the first to hear -- what we heard from you.


What stands out?  Brocade partners understand that differentiated technologies are essential for channel partners to differentiate their offerings, and they "get" the huge signficance of SDN/NFV and network virtualization to the channel, and to our mutual customers.





For an advance peek at these and other survey results, visit:


I'll be sharing the news announcement and expanded survey report right here on our Channel blog, when available.

Congrats Channel Survey Prize Winners!

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As a sign of appreciation for the time and effort our partners spent completing our annual channel survey, 10 Brocade partners were selected at random from among all completed survey responses to win a GoPro Hero3+ camera.  Not only does the Hero3+ take great, high-definition pictures and video, but it's wearable, waterproof and gear-mountable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor adventures.


Congrats to our partner winners:



-Scotty Hammonds, CDW

-Colin Macdonald, Opus Consulting

-Brett Smith, Advantel



-Deepak Donka, MRO-TEK

-Man Young Lee, Penta Systems

-YongJoon Sohn, Forcei



-Thomas Kleinkuhnen, Avnet

-Diaudin Uthman, NESMA

-Rob van der Steen, TechAccess



-Hidenori Okumura, Nissho Electronics 


Most importantly:  Thank you to all partners who participated in our survey.  Your feedback and perspectives will help us to continually improve our programs and build an even more rewarding partnership.


Note:  Winners were selected using a third-party, auditable random draw service. 


Want to increase your deal size? Gain new customers? Generate more repeat business?

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Recent Brocade sales data shows that deals with Brocade Network Subscription, Brocade’s unique monthly subscription, are on average 3-4 times bigger than all-cash deals. When customers buy with Brocade Network Subscription, Brocade partners still get paid same as cash.


Brocade partners, be sure you’re up to speed on the many benefits to customers of Brocade Network Subscription:


  • Acquire what you want, where and when you want it
  • Unlimited scalability and upgradability
  • No CapEx required – freeing up funds for other investments
  • Reduced risk, no costly lock-in, leasing arrangements or term commitments


broc847_bns-videp_v1_281014 (2).jpgAccess partner training video, sales guide and other resources on The Kit, in the Brocade APN Resource Center, by clicking here.


Download a new, 2-minute video you can use on sales calls with customers, also on The Kit, by clicking here.


Only Brocade has a monthly subscription with no term limits, no minimum transaction amount, accepts equipment returns and enables technology migration anytime – make the most of this unique sales door opener!

Saving Customers from a Faustian Bargain

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In November 2010 Gartner analysts Mark Fabbi and Debra Curtis penned a report that would go down in infamy at Cisco.  Titled Debunking the Myth of the Single-Vendor Network, the document laid out the false economy of sacrificing best-in-class performance for a single logo on every box. Not once did the analysts encounter a single example in which operational cost savings offset the premium customers were charged for a single logo.


With Brocade about to start a new fiscal year in November, I spoke with Bill Lipsin, Brocade’s VP, Global Channels and System Integrators, about the company’s channel strategy for the year ahead.



Q:      There’s a lot of talk about the New IP. What is this? What does this mean for Brocade’s channel partners?  

Bill:   The networking industry is going through the most dramatic period of change we’ve seen in more than 20 years. With the emergence of mobile, cloud, big data and social business technologies, customers require a new way of building and managing their networks. IDC has coined this new platform of technologies the 3rd Platform. They denote the 1st Platform as the era when the mainframe and associated technologies dominated the market. The 2nd Platform was represented by client/server computing. But to meet today and tomorrow’s requirements, customers must migrate to the 3rd Platform.


Networks that are designed for the requirements of these accelerating trends of mobile, cloud, big data and social (for the 3rd Platform) are known as the New IP. The New IP provides a more dynamic, automated capability based on leveraging networking software and virtualization. It allows customers to exploit best-of-breed technologies based on open architectures and open ecosystems and not be locked into any one vendor and their limitations. This open philosophy and design approach is where Brocade is investing.  These investments and making the New IP a reality is what will create new opportunities for Brocade channel partners.



Q:      How would you summarize your channel strategy for the coming year?

Bill:   Our focus is on equipping partners to deliver an exceptional experience for their customers, with existing networks as well as by capturing opportunities presented by the transition to the New IP. We’re executing on this strategy with differentiated technologies and solutions, and helping partners redefine how customers use the network within the data center and at the edge. We’re investing in providing the building blocks for cloud offerings so that partners can deliver solutions covering both cloud and on premise solutions. And we’re enabling our partners with new services skills from design through implementation, post-sales support and professional services. This is more than just deeper Brocade skills. It also includes interoperability with other vendors’ equipment allowing Brocade partners to optimize the customer’s experience at every touch point.  



Q:         What do you see as Brocade’s key differentiators for the channel?

Bill:      Three factors in particular set Brocade apart from other vendors.


First, we’re constantly working to make it easy to partner with us. We have a straightforward channel program. We work to build solid relationships making it easier for partners to engage with Brocade at every level. And we don’t compete with our partners – no Brocade Cloud or broad professional services practice.


Second, we have a strong track record of innovation. We continue to lead in bringing to market disruptive technologies designed to help customers manage their businesses more effectively. Brocade pioneered Ethernet fabrics. Brocade created fiber channel storage networking. We have the most widely deployed virtual router in the industry. The Brocade Vyatta vRouter, which came out in 2006, has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. We are aggressively expanding our software networking capabilities. In 2014 we’re setting new benchmarks for open, scale-out and automated networking across the data center and edge.


Third, Brocade has a unique financing option with Brocade Network Subscription. This enables customers to acquire infrastructure using Opex with a monthly subscription or consumption model instead of having to tie up a lot of Capex. Our partners are paid up-front as if this was a Capex transaction.



Q:      Brocade will be launching its FY15 Alliance Partner Network (APN) program for the channel in early November. Can you give us a preview of key changes?

Bill:    We’re making changes to our APN program that will make Brocade even easier to do business with. For instance, partners will no longer have to wait to accrue MDF or rush to spend their MDF if they’ve got a great plan to generate business. We are implementing a new, proposal-based MDF model. We will be leading the charge to sell software along with other Brocade solutions.



Q:      What advice would you give partners who want to accelerate their businesses with Brocade this coming year?

Bill:   Software networking is happening. Carriers, service providers and others are already investing heavily in software. Take advantage of Brocade’s industry-leading solutions, training and other programs to ensure you’re competent in physical, virtual and hybrid solutions and don’t get left behind.



Editor’s note: To learn more about how Brocade is making it easier than ever for APN partners to grow with Brocade in FY15, please participate in Brocade’s November 4th partner webcast.   Invitations will be sent this week (week of October 13). If we’ve missed you, or if you have any questions about accessing the webcast, please email


Promotion Extended: Brocade VDX 8770 Cloud-Optimized Switch is Free with Starter Bundle Purchase

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Brocade partners, now through January 15, 2015 your customers can get the Brocade VDX 8770 chassis switch for free with purchase of two or more 40 GbE modules, 12 or more units of QSFPs and a support contract.


With 50% OpEx savings and twice the network utilization of competitors’ solutions, it’s time to talk to your customers about the Brocade VDX 8770 with Brocade’s innovative VCS Fabric technology!


More reasons to start a conversation on the advantages of powering even the most demanding data center networks with the Brocade 8770:


  • Dramatically simplifies network architectures to enable elastic cloud networking
  • Can manage many switches as a single logical device
  • Provides efficiently load-balanced multi-pathing at Layers 1, 2, and 3, and multiple active Layer 3 gateways
  • Delivers 100/40/10/1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) wire-speed switching with auto-trunking Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) for non disruptive scaling
  • Enables connectivity for over 1,000 server ports with scale-out fabrics, 10,000 ports with multifabrics and 100,000 ports using multifabrics with overlays


Click here to download promotion flyer from Brocade’s Alliance Partner Network (APN) Resource Center. Data sheet, customer presentation and other resources can be found by clicking here, or by visiting the VDX 8770 page on the Kit, in the APN Resource Center.


A big shout out to the winners of the third and final month of our Partner Status Quo Breaker contest. Since all four of these partners stood out for having the technology vision, expertise and customer commitment to break out of the boundaries of legacy solutions to deliver transformational networking, we decided to recognize four partners this month, instead of just three.


dacoso of Langen, Germany:  Armin Bittner, Post Sales Consultant, Klaus Kaiser, Senior System Consultant and Klaus Petry, Senior Systems Engineer

dacoso applied its expertise in DWDM for data center environments to develop a compelling use case combining ADVA DWDM with Brocade Ethernet Fabric technology.  As a result, VCS traffic can now be encrypted transparently, a significant security advantage for customers in many industries who want to encrypt data, or who are legally required to use encryption.  dacoso also integrated virtual machine capabilities into the use case through integration with VMware’s hypervisor.


Layer 3 Communications of Norcross, GA:  Paul Gallogly, VP of Sales and Ryan Greene, Senior Sales Executive

Layer 3’s managed services offering combined with the Brocade ICX 7750, 6610 and 6450 switches and the Brocade VDX resulted in such a compelling value proposition in terms of Campus TCO, performance, scalability and 24/7 monitoring for a large public sector customer that the customer was convinced to  turn away long-standing competitive incumbent providers and go with Layer 3 and Brocade.  Key to this win was Layer 3 demonstrating, also by bringing in relevant customer references, the superior performance for less cost of the distributed, stacking technology in the Brocade ICX 7750 vs. legacy chassis.


OnX Enterprise Solutions of New York, NY:  April Harrington, Business Development Manager and Blace Shutsa, Network Sales Specialist

OnX is launching a multi-faceted, Challenger insights based, demand generation campaign addressing the urgent budget squeeze faced by many K-12 school districts. Federal e-rate funding for network upgrades and maintenance isn’t keeping pace with the fast-increasing demands on the network caused by the shift to Common Core standards and growing numbers and types of devices on the network. Working closely with Brocade, OnX demonstrated how Brocade Network Subscription (BNS) can help school districts meet these new demands on network performance with limited budgets.


Works Computing of Bloomington, Minnesota: Jeff Barsness, Solution Architect and Noah Zenzen, Enterprise Account Manager

Leveraging Brocade’s strategic relationship with Aruba, Works Computing helped a higher education customer understand the changing requirements on their network brought about by the explosive growth in mobile devices and mobile computing, and then designed and deployed a seamlessly integrated, wired and wireless network. The customer now has visibility across their network, able to easily set policies for all types of users, wired or wireless. Additionally, with Brocade’s support for OpenFlow across its IP product line, Works Computing enabled the customer to build a roadmap for adopting Software-Defined Networking.


From all of us at Brocade, to all of you – congratulations! We’re proud to have you as Brocade partners.



Learn How Social Selling Can Help Fill Your Pipeline. Join Us September 30!

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Get up to speed on the latest strategies and tools to use social media to expand your relationships, grow awareness for your solutions, and add new leads to your sales pipeline.


Join our Social Selling Webinar specifically tailored to help Brocade channel partners sell, and get a hands-on introduction to Brocade’s new resource to provide you with ready-made social content that you can easily customize and push out to your social media channels.



September 30 at 9 am PDT/noon EDT/5 pm GMT.


What you’ll learn:

How Brocade implemented social selling for its global sales teams and how as a Brocade partner you can use social media for customer outreach and prospecting today! The CEB, a corporate advisory group, will share social selling best practices from other companies and sales reps.  Plus, learn about how Brocade is making it easier than ever for you to use social media to sell with the new Channel Gaggle tool available on the Brocade Alliance Partner Network (APN) Resource Center. Jill Hundley, Brocade Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Evan de la Torre, CEB Executive Advisor Sales and Marketing, will be presenting.


Please block your calendar to participate in this free webinar for Brocade partners:

Meeting ID:  093014

Attendee Entry Code: attend


Attendee Dial-in: (866) 394-2538

International Toll Attendee Dial-in: (330) 871-6060

Conference ID: 94115962  


If you have any questions, please contact us at


We look forward to having you join us September 30!





I recently caught up with Rob Buergisser, Senior Director of Global Partner Services,

RobBuergisser.jpgto get the download on what’s going with regard to services and support enablement for our channel partners.   Rob manages the team responsible for services and support delivery strategy, Brocade University, and support delivery partner programs. In June, Rob took on a new role reporting to Bill Lipsin, VP, Global Channel Sales and Marketing where he is focused on creating closer alignment between Brocade’s partners and the SE, Services and Support organization to further enable Brocade’s customer-for-life model. 


Q: Rob, your team has recently joined the Global Channels team. What does this mean for our channel partners?

Rob: We made this organization change to strengthen alignment between our educational, professional services and support, and systems engineering initiatives.  One of our objectives is to deliver more focused enablement that will help our partners offer better service to their customers and grow their business with Brocade.


Q: What are your priorities in terms of services and support enablement?

Rob: We’re developing specialized enablement plans at the geo level for each tier of our partners. Then we’re going to set up a cadence for delivering those enablement programs and tracking how we’re performing at helping our partners achieve their goals.


Q: How are we addressing global technical training coverage with our Authorized Training Partners?

Rob: My team manages Authorized Training Partners or ATPs on a global basis, because Brocade is committed to ensuring our partners are not only up to speed on Brocade technologies, but have the capabilities needed to deliver the full portfolio of broad-based solutions end users need to achieve their business goals.


Q: Can you give partners a preview of the new kinds of programs and support they can expect in the year ahead?  

Rob: We recognize that many of our partners are interested in evolving their current business models, or moving to entirely new, cloud- or managed services-based approaches. My team’s charter is to assist them in their transformation with Brocade, with a slate of expanded technical transformation offerings. In Brocade’s fiscal 2015, which starts in November, channel partners will see more services and support initiatives tailored to their business models, whether providing them with resources for moving to next-generation cloud business models and the 3rd Platform, or for accelerating their businesses around high-growth solutions sets. We’ll be sharing more details in the months ahead.

Brocade CEO on Q3 Earnings Beating Expectations

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LloydCarney.jpgBrocade partners, in case you missed it, here’s how CEO Lloyd Carney summarized Brocade’s recent earnings performance in an interview with Fox Business:


  • Brocade executed well on all fronts
  • We grew our core data center business about 3 times the market growth rate
  • Our value proposition is to reduce customers’ Capex and Opex by 30% or more
  • At least 1900 of Global 2000 organizations are using Brocade infrastructure products
  • Brocade has the industry’s premier software networking product – technology that will dramatically change the way organizations deploy networks


Watch the full interview by clicking here.

Congratulations to the three Brocade channel partners winning our Partner Status Quo Breaker contest for July.  Each of these three partners has demonstrated impressive vision, cutting-edge technology expertise, and intense customer commitment.  They have each rejected conventional selling and legacy solutions to deliver transformational value and benefits to their customers.


I’m thrilled to announce this month’s Brocade Partner Status Quo Breaker winners and to share snapshots of their award-winning stories:


Advanced Onion of Carmel Valley, California: Paul Temple, President/CEO, and Tyler Houts, Director of Business Development. Working hand-in-hand with Brocade, Advanced Onion applied Brocade Network Subscription (BNS) to enable a U.S. federal customer to refresh their wireless network despite not having a capital budget. BNS allowed Advanced Onion to help the customer meet their mandated requirement for an ‘As a Service’ model, while getting an affordable solution custom-tailored to their needs.


Digital Technologies Corporation (DTC) of Japan. DTC performed custom development and testing to create the first solution offering for the Japanese market integrating Brocade VCX fabric technology, delivered on the Brocade VDX switch, with Nimble Storage’s flash-optimized platform. With this DTC solution, customers can easily and cost effectively scale their network and storage capabilities to meet growing performance demands.


PacStar of Portland, Oregon: Jeff Sinclair, VP of Sales. Built around Brocade ICX and VDX switches and wireless from Aruba, PacStar’s deployable communications kits can be literally dropped into remote, temporary and infrastructure-starved environments for quick-response set up of very reliable, secure and high-performance converged data/voice/video applications in the military, oil and gas, healthcare and other industries.


Congratulations to Advanced Onion, Digital Technologies Corporation and PacStar. All of us at Brocade are proud of our partnership with you.


Are you a Brocade channel partner with your own status-quo-breaking story to tell?   We want to hear from you at    We’ve extended our call for nominations to October 1.



AO 2013 LARGE LOGO.jpg            Degital_Tech_custom.jpg                  PacStar Logo.jpg              

Six Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the 2014 Federal Forum. Register Now!

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FF Image No Reg.jpg


If you’re a Brocade U.S. Federal partner, here are 6 reasons why you need to join us at the 2014 Federal Forum, August 13th in Washington, DC:


  1. Learn how you can change the conversations you’re having with your Federal customers about the network -- from squeezing more out of the old, to new network architectures that can more easily and efficiently deliver on agency mandates.
  1. Get equipped with new financial approaches that can result in your customers getting vastly more value from their current-year budgets.
  1. Learn about new technologies that are able to adapt to change, instead of frustrating change.
  1. Hear directly from the Chief Information Officers and Chief Innovation Officers or their deputies from 6 federal agencies -- the Departments of Agriculture, Army, Commerce, Defense, Labor and Transportation – as well as from the Office of the President and the FCC, among many other distinguished speakers.
  1. Beef up your in-depth know-how of Software-Defined Networking and cutting-edge network architectures.
  1. Happy Hour!  Brocade, along with our Federal Forum Platinum Sponsor the immixGroup, will be hosting drinks beginning at 4 pm, after the Forum, at Elephant & Castle, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.  Stop by to continue the conversation with the Brocade Federal sales team.



Don’t miss out on getting a seat at the table at the 2014 Federal Forum!


Check out the full program.


Register now!




Congratulations June Partner Status Quo Breakers!

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We’re delighted to announce the June winners of Brocade’s channel partner Status Quo Breaker contest. These partners have demonstrated the vision, commitment to innovation and their customers’ success by breaking away from legacy technologies and legacy selling to help their customers transform their networks.


Brocade congratulates:


Cory Strange, president and managing partner, EdgeTeam Technology.  Cory and EdgeTeam are partnering with Brocade to extend Brocade Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions to specific customer use cases, providing the integrated solutions and support delivery required to help customers achieve their desired results.


Mohannad Sa’aydeh, director of Sales at Emitac. Mohannad and the team at Emitac have worked tirelessly to help customers shift their networks from legacy hardware platforms to virtualized platforms primed for the cloud transition.


Hong Sik Choi, consultant/ Open Platform team, Penta Systems- for being instrumental in Penta Systems designing and implementing a private cloud solution based on the Brocade Vyatta vRouter, which enabled the customer to deploy applications more than three times faster and meet aggressive CapEx and OpEx targets.


Way to go, EdgeTeam Technology, Emitac and Penta Systems! We’re proud of our partnership with you.


Calling all Brocade channel partners:  Have a status quo breaking story of your own to share?   Please tell us at, and be eligible to win in our July and August contests.   Up to four individuals at a partner company can be included in the nomination.


EdgeTeamlogo.pngEES logo.jpgPenta logo.png 

Get NFV Certified -- and Test for Free!

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300x250_NFV_Cert.jpgNow you can become certified in one of the most exciting trends in networking – Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) – and Brocade will cover the costs of testing (a $150 value). This is in addition to the free Brocade Vyatta vRouter download and five hours of web-based training.


By taking this course, participants will learn how to:


- Understand sophisticated, multitier networks within virtualized environments

- Discuss how the Brocade Vyatta vRouter supports dynamic addressing and integrates with DNS services

- Configure the Brocade Vyatta vRouter as a DHCP server or DHCP relay agent

- Discuss how to configure, display modify and delete various Ethernet and VLAN interface types

- Configure a single-area OSPF network, and verify that routing is functioning properly

- Discuss firewall concepts, deployment options and verification

- Manage the vRouter using SNMP and use logs to troubleshoot


Click here to register. For more information, please contact your Brocade Channel Account Manager or email

New Reseller Promotion: Replace Legacy Chassis with Brocade ICX 7750

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Brocade resellers - Now, with Brocade offering a new sales promotion, is the time to talk with your customers about the many benefits and huge cost savings of replacing legacy chassis in their Campus or Data Center environments with the cutting-edge Brocade ICX 7750 distributed chassis bundle:


• Scale-out networking for pay-as-you-grow flexibility

• Simplified network management through automation and consolidated management

• 300 percent more port density at a fraction of the cost

• Investment protection with scalable 10/40 GbE density


Read more about how the Brocade ICX 7750 breaks the status quo.


For more info on this new promotion for Brocade resellers, please contact your Brocade Channel Account Manager or email