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Earlier this year Brocade acquired Ruckus Wireless, as a strategic step in providing our partners with a full range of wired and wireless networking solutions to support today’s ever evolving IT landscape. As a Brocade Federal partner, you may be beginning to wonder what this means for you. The answer? A huge opportunity for both you and your customers.


This relationship expands Brocade’s offerings by adding high-performance wireless to the mix. Available purely through the channel, the relationship between Brocade and Ruckus provides an opportunity just for you. Brocade partners perform all implementation services, offering greater flexibility and opportunities for margin.



Introduce Your Customers to the Future of the Network with Brocade’s Workflow Composer

by Kristina Scott ‎08-03-2016 02:30 PM - edited ‎08-03-2016 02:34 PM (1,490 Views)

The speed of innovation and technological change has never been faster than it is today. For the most part, that rate of change is a good thing. It enables companies and people to accomplish tasks more efficiently and provides a competitive business advantage for your customers.


However, when it comes to your customers’ IT infrastructure, emerging technologies and trends like mobile and the Internet of Things are driving an exponential increase in traffic on the IT highway – the network. In cases where compute or storage capabilities are expanding beyond those of the network, enterprises can find themselves with capabilities they are unable to fully leverage and services that are bogged down by lack of network agility. Your customers need access to a network that is full of fast lanes, not roadblocks.


Meet Your Customers Where They Are Engaging: On Social Media!

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Social media is rapidly transforming our world. With a few clicks and an Internet connection, you now have the power to instantaneously share information with millions of potential customers, increase brand awareness and easily engage with your customers, all with little effort or expense. According to IDC, 57 percent of U.S. workers use social media for business-related matters so it is no surprise that 85 percent of B2B customers believe that companies should present information via social networks.


However, using social media can be tricky.