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Why your customers need an “Effortless Network” Now

by Dawn.Morris on ‎03-05-2013 03:02 AM (1,237 Views)

When Brocade unveiled our Effortless Network vision for campus networking we understood the huge impact in terms of resource, inability to innovate, increased cost, and downtime, complexity was causing to our customers.  And together, with our innovative Brocade campus solutions and our partners’ insight and expertise, we are delivering on that vision, and customers are able to reap the benefits of deploying campus environments that are as dynamic as the people that use them.

As customers look for ways to engage with, manage and deploy many of the ‘big trends’ in IT – BYOD, mobility, video, cloud, unified communications – their legacy campus networks can’t cope.  But “band-aid” fixes have made their environments more complex and more challenging; the situation has got worse not better.  And so they are looking to their suppliers for a solution, not just another batch of devices that deliver little performance improvement, increase maintenance schedules, and add further complexity and risk.

Today Brocade partners can offer their customers something truly different, and something that really makes a difference. They can offer solutions that improve the customers’ ability to grow, to compete, to innovate; at a pace determined by business requirement not network readiness.  Brocade partners can work with their customers to design and deploy campus environments that work, and enable those customers to deploy applications faster, scale up more easily, support more mobility better: cost-effectively, and without adding complexity.

Learn how through a range of resources and examples that illustrate The Effortless Network in action.

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