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Why customers are excited by the Effortless Network

by Dawn.Morris on ‎04-10-2013 03:34 AM (877 Views)

The announcement that Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, a cornerstone in delivering our Effortless Network vision, is now available has already generated a great deal of positive feedback from media and customers alike.  By automating and simplifying the campus network, and creating a holistic wired and wireless infrastructure, the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture enables organizations to harness the productivity gains and competitive edge that mobility, cloud-enabled services and new applications can offer.

Understanding why that matters and what the issues are preventing customers from embracing these opportunities already takes us to heart of the challenge: the inherent complexity and lack of resilience common in most campus environments.  As IDC comments in our announcement: “With more users dependent on services delivered over the network, an agile and resilient campus network is crucial to business productivity. If the campus network cannot support the organization’s application needs, the ability to compete, transform and even to perform can be impaired".

This also represents a great opportunity for Brocade channel partners, as the customer and partner references on our Effortless Network site attest. It is easy to see why with comments like this, from another one of our customers: “There is a growing need to reduce complexity in campus network environments, to ensure fast application deployment, reliable connectivity and to make management an easier and less manual task.  By increasing automation and simplifying the structure of campus networks, Brocade HyperEdge Architecture offers an alternative with the necessary agility and the required simplicity of management,” Stijn Koster, CEO at Interactive 3D

There are already a range of new assets and resources for registered Brocade partners on The Grid and The Hub, that are well worth having a look at - or for further information on Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, and the features and functionality that are getting customers excited, visit our Effortless Network page for more.