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Understand how Campus Could Unlock Opportunity in 2012

by Dawn.Morris on ‎02-20-2012 06:09 AM (601 Views)

Campus Opportunity.jpg

Trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility, virtualized desktops and unified communications are now being realized.  However, years of adding layers of complexity with every new feature, combined with rising demand for more virtualized environments that enable cloud and support increasing mobility, has impacted the financial and technical performance of the campus LAN.

To date customers looking to invest in their campus networks have had to compromise between cost and complexity: cheap but basic campus technology, or expensive but highly complex to manage solutions.  Organisations under pressure to get the maximum value and optimal performance from their networks today and in the future need round-the-clock reliability and performance, with minimal manual intervention and maintenance.  An impossible challenge?  Not when you don’t have to compromise anymore.

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