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The Toll on the Network When Driving Blind: The Benefits of Network Visibility

by Kristina Scott ‎12-03-2016 11:30 AM - edited ‎12-03-2016 11:33 AM (2,856 Views)

Imagine the network in much the same way we imagine the “network” of roadways that cross our cities. Just like our roadways, the network is a complex series of interconnected pathways that end in various places. Often, we even use the same term – traffic – to describe what moves through them.


Some of those pathways are bigger and can accommodate more traffic at once, like interstates, while towards the fringes of the network leading to endpoints, pathways are smaller. On both IT and transformation infrastructure, when the amount of traffic exceeds the capacity of those routes, congestion and bottlenecks occur slowing traffic down to a crawl.


In the case of road traffic, civic engineers study traffic patterns, working to create solutions to alleviate traffic based on those analyses. In the IT world, networking engineers do much the same when determining appropriate network options. However, those pattern analysis can only get you so far.


Imagine if, rather than relying on past performance or historic audits, your customers had real-time visibility into the network so they could base decisions on its current state. Imagine a Waze app for the network that helps your customers easily identify unexpected increases in network activity and reroute traffic to minimize interruptions.


With modernized New IP networks, this type of visibility can become a reality for your customers, allowing them to improve performance and reduce downtime, while also enhancing security.


Network visibility enhances performance by enabling network managers to see exactly what is in the network – what end points are connected, how much traffic is on the network, where it is moving from and where it is moving to and much more information. It also allows managers to spot trends and patterns that can be used to analyze traffic and find new ways of making the network more efficient. Just as roadways are impacted by population increases, expanding data use and a growing number of endpoints are increasing network traffic. These changes make visibility more necessary than ever before.


When used in combination with network automation, insights from visibility tools can inform load-balancing tasks in real time and with minimal human input so that they happen in the background. “Waze has found a faster route that saves you 10 minutes.”


Unlike apps like Waze, network visibility can also flag abnormalities that may indicate malicious behavior, offering an additional layer of security for your customers. Perhaps a security component is not operating correctly, traffic is entering a portion of the network from an unexpected location at an odd time or there is an unexplainable spike in network traffic. Aware of these abnormalities, your customers are empowered to take actions and better protect their networks.


As a Brocade channel partner, you have the opportunity to offer all of these benefits to your customers today through New IP solutions. Tools like the Brocade Packet Broker, the Brocade Packet Probe and the Brocade Visibility Manager offer your customers faster, more reliable network performance and greater security. These solutions are open, programmable and support multi-vendor environments, making it easy to select the right visibility set for individual customer needs.


To learn more about these products and how Brocade technology empowers your customers’ networks, and to find sales assets to help you guide your conversations with customers, please visit Brocade's partner sales and marketing portal, the Brocade Partner Network Resource Center.