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The Channel

The Joint Opportunity in New IP

by Christine Heckart on ‎05-13-2015 05:00 AM - last edited on ‎05-13-2015 10:13 AM by LisaR (4,125 Views)

As a Brocade channel partner, you may already have noticed our latest sales collateral and offers have a new, more modern look, with expanded colors and a more contemporary use of images. You’ll soon see this new look rolled out more broadly, such as a new Brocade website which is coming soon.


Our new visual language isn’t just a superficial change of appearances, however. It signifies our commitment at Brocade to leading the transformation of networking to meet the demands of the modern world. Twenty years ago, when IP networks first started being widely deployed, there were just 16 million users on the Internet. There were 2,700 web sites and less than 100 million mobile devices. Compare that with today, where we have more than 2 billion Internet users, 1 billion web sites and more than 7 billion mobile devices. No wonder those “old IP” networks can’t keep up. They were never built with cloud, mobile, social and Big Data in mind – huge transitions that are impacting every organization today.


Together with our partners, Brocade is better positioned than any other networking company to lead the way to New IP networks, networks that are designed to meet these very different needs customers have today and going forward. Unlike other networking vendors, we started with a focus on the data center and we invested early in software networking. Brocade’s strategy is built around the New IP, with hardware and software designed to take full advantage of the trend toward virtualized IT infrastructure. For more information about the New IP as well as how to transition your current infrastructure and help your customers make the journey, please visit or contact your Channel Account Manager.


As was how we built our business 20 years ago, partnering is at the core of everything we do at Brocade. No vendor is better in helping companies connect different data storage environments and move their data between various devices and protocols. Our technologies and products are built from the ground up to be open and interoperable with a broad ecosystem to accelerate innovation and to give you and your customers greater choice and flexibility.




Because New IP networks address customers’ pain points with old IP, Brocade’s leadership in New IP solutions translates into leadership and growth opportunities for Brocade’s channel. IDC estimates that cloud, mobile, social and Big Data – the very transitions at the heart of the New IP – will account for about 90% of IT spend in the next 5 years. The open, ecosystem-driven nature of New IP networks means more of a role for trusted solution providers to pull together the most appropriate solution. And Brocade offers a range of New IP solutions – including hardware, software, hybrid and aaS with Brocade Network Subscription – so you and your customers can move to the New IP in a way and timetable that fits your particular business model.


I’m excited about these shared opportunities to lead, together with you, our channel partners, the trend to modernizing networks for the benefit of our customers.