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The Automated Network: Simplifying the Way Your Customers Work

by Kristina Scott ‎11-14-2016 01:52 PM - edited ‎11-14-2016 01:55 PM (3,552 Views)

Starting from the first grist mill that harnessed water to grind wheat into flour to today’s use of machine learning to fine-tune efficiencies in IT operations, ever since man created the first machines, he has sought to make life easier and free valuable time for other endeavors.


The network is also undergoing an automation revolution, supporting your customers’ efforts to simplify their lives at work. With organizations seeking to enable digital transformation, they need networking solutions that are scalable, secure, and efficient more than ever. Automation enables just this.  


With a fully automated network, your customers can take advantage of the latest technology trends and applications, seamlessly adjusting to increasing or fluctuating demand. Increased use of mobile, video and the Internet of Things creates unpredictable workloads that can slow performance or cause unacceptable downtime, preventing your customers from getting their work done. Depending on a manual approach to addressing these challenges slows the time to resolution.


The network can offer a DevOps-style approach to automation – automating across workflows and functional areas including network, compute and storage – to more quickly address unpredictable network traffic. Manually addressing issues isn’t just less effective, it also prevents your customers’ IT teams from dealing with more important tasks. Just like the grist mill, network automation will free customer time and resources. Rather than dedicating a significant amount of time to manually configuring the network, your customers can focus on longer-term, strategic goals and leave the hard work to the network itself.


Brocade offers a series of solutions that enable this style of automation including Brocade’s Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) and the Brocade Workflow Composer.


The Brocade vADC enables customers to deploy applications across virtualized or cloud infrastructure immediately, seamlessly, and most importantly, automatically. Formerly, coping with increasing demand relied on adding application delivery controllers to the data center to accommodate load balancing and other common demands – a physical process that limited real-time reaction to demands. With the Brocade vADC that process is automated, ensuring your customer’s business runs smoothly and without interruptions.


Similar to the vADC, the Workflow Composer enables new load balancing automation processes so the network can better respond to the real-time demands of its users. Both the vADC and Workflow Composer are part of a broader trend of automation in the network. Working hand-in-hand with software-defined networking (SDN), important network management functions can be handled by automated tools. Do you routinely patch networking devices to keep security in top form? SDN makes automating security update delivery across the entire network easy. Routine maintenance and diagnostics can also be managed through software and automatically applied across the network, minimizing service interruptions.


With each automated feature, your customers gain opportunities to pursue other endeavors like finding and deploying the next IT innovation for the enterprise. The network shouldn’t get in the way of digital transformation. It should work in the background to support customer end goals and prepare for whatever your customers throw at it.


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