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The Channel

Take Charge of the New Data Center

by Patric.Chang on ‎02-22-2013 10:14 AM (1,129 Views)

Brocade will be participating as a global platinum sponsor at this year’s VMware Partner Exchange (PEX). Several thousand participants, mainly channel partners, will be there to hear VMware’s direction and exchange best practices on how to help customer move to the new data center and hybrid clouds.

The theme of the event is “Take Charge”. Three areas that partners will be rallied to take charge on are:

1. progressing from product to solution selling to increase differentiation;

2. developing further partner collaboration; and,

3. promoting the Software-defined Data Center (SDDC), End User Computing (ECU) and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Brocade is a superior ally to help partners “Take Charge” and excel in these goals. How?

Solution Selling

This week, Gartner recognized Brocade as a visionary in Data Center Networking advising that: “Brocade should be considered for the shortlists of all data center network infrastructures and large cloud providers.” The Brocade Ethernet fabric family has already captured an impressive series of awards include the Best of Show Grand Prix Award in the People's Choice category at interop Tokyo.

BYOEF Graphics.png

Therefore, Brocade’s Ethernet fabric  is a superior tool for resellers to build differentiated and value-added solutions. A proof of this is that Brocade has been already been working with VMware in past years to deliver reference private cloud, end user computing and business continuity solutions. In all these solutions, the Ethernet fabric  is a key and central technology.

At PEX, as channel partners, you will have the opportunity to build your very own Ethernet fabric . Take charge of the challenge to build your own in 10 minutes or less. Discover the power and simplicity of using Brocade’s Ethernet fabric  for your own solutions.

Partner Collaboration

On partner collaborations, Brocade’s Ethernet fabric , Application Delivery and other products of our end-to-end networking are already used in numerous solutions with server and storage partners. We shall feature the EMC VSPEX offering at our Booth and in our breakout session on Effectively Selling End User Computing Today (Session SPO2309).

VSPEX Graphics 2.png

Partners can come to talk to us about the solutions we have leading companies such as EMC, HDS, Fujitsu, Neap, IBM and others.

SDDC, EUC and Hybrid Clouds

In addition to EUC solutions, there will also be much discussion about the SDDC and Hybrid clouds at this PEX. For Hybrid Clouds, Rackspace is one of the market leaders in promoting Hybrid Clouds with a case study based on the business continuity solution validated by EMC, Brocade and VMware.

Brocade and VMware are continuing to help customers succeed in their journey to the SDDC and hybrid clouds. We showed a VXLAN Gateway POC at the last VMworld and are collaborating further in software-defined networking for SDDC and hybrid cloud deployments.

Yes, take charge of your  VMware Partner Exchange experience. If you are seeking to drive sales of EUC and cloud solutions or helping customer plan for the SDDC, you can do this by putting Brocade on the shortlist of companies to talk to at Booth #208 at the Partner Exchange in Las Vegas.