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Preparing for the Internet of Things: Are Your Customers' Networks Ready?

by Kristina Scott ‎06-23-2015 07:51 AM - edited ‎06-23-2015 07:55 AM (6,727 Views)

Examples of how the Internet of Things (IoT) can impact people’s daily lives are becoming increasingly common. I can now change my home security system settings online, record a movie on my home TV while I’m still in the office, or track how little sleep I’m getting. Expect to see the IoT around us become even more apparent, and soon. Gartner estimates that this year we’ll hit 4.9 billion connected devices and by 2020 that number will grow to more than 25 billion.


What doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the latest consumer applications of the IoT, is the enormous opportunity the IoT offers for the IT channel. Thanks, The VAR Guy, for conducting a poll recently of solution providers, asking them to weigh in where they see the potential for the channel. By far the most promising area – called out by a whopping 91% of respondents – is in the underlying infrastructure and software related to the growth of the IoT.


The second-greatest channel opportunity in the IoT, according to The VAR Guy poll is software for setting up and managing devices, selected by 73 percent. Sixty-four percent indicated data analytics will be lucrative for the channel, helping customers sort and filter information.  


Infrastructure – whether physical, virtual or a hybrid -- is the enabling capability of the IoT. After all, those billions of connected devices mean more data to collect, transmit, analyze, store and secure. Legacy or Old IP networks, designed before an IoT of today’s dimensions could have imagined, aren’t capable of meeting the needs of a connected world.


Based on open standards, the New IP is a user-centric, software-defined, agile and secure networking model purpose-built to fit the massive shifts we’re seeing in technology, including the IoT and the related trends of cloud, mobile, Big Data and social.


Brocade is prepared to help our channel partners capture this opportunity, evolving customer networks to be ready for the IoT, as a leader in New IP networking. Brocade has the industry’s highest-performing and most deployed virtual router. Brocade’s pioneering VCS Fabric technology increases network agility through reduced complexity and increased automation, so infrastructure can easily scale up and out as needed. Brocade VDX switches, ICX Campus switches and other hardware products combine the performance and resiliency needed to handle the onslaught of IoT data with support for SDN and virtualized environments. And all of Brocade’s solutions, hardware and software, are built from the ground up to be open, providing customers with the broad choice and flexibility of an extended partner ecosystem.


For a good read on the New IP and how New IP networks can help you and your customers get prepared for the full-blown IoT and other major technology transitions, check out the New IP white paper on the Brocade APN Resource Center.