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‘Pay as You Go’ Procurement with Brocade Network Subscription

by Dawn.Morris on ‎11-24-2011 12:04 AM (637 Views)

In such economically uncertain times, the watchword for any IT investment has become ‘flexibility’.  Seen as key to improving efficiency and reducing expenditure, the IT department is under pressure to deliver projects that impact directly on profitability, customer retention, and administration with minimal CAPEX spend - by yesterday. While the industry continues to debate the value of cloud computing enabled IT services, CIOs are looking for more measurable forms of cost management for onsite solutions, while a new breed of services providers look for ways of establishing the infrastructure they need to meet customer SLAs.  For these reasons ‘Pay as You Go’ procurement, an approach to paying for network access and use first deployed by the mobile phone industry to consumers, is now in demand from corporations.


PAYG in the business sector is all about minimising CAPEX and controlling OPEX: increasing business agility and flexibility, while reducing exposure to depreciation, is the name of the game. But this new demand related to the acquisition, access and procurement of resources is different to the traditional lease/termed-contract approaches of the past that predominantly impacted commercial property, employment and office equipment.  Operational IT – the network, the servers, the data centre – is where the PAYG revolution will have most impact.


And response to Brocade Networking Subscription (BNS) strongly reflects this trend.  BNS is not a lease option, it has no fixed term – it simply enables businesses to acquire the data centre infrastructure they need on a PAYG basis.  One large hosted services provider has already adopted just such an approach, updating and refreshing its data centers using BNS; which enables customers to increase and decrease the size of their networking infrastructure as required, while only paying for what they use on a monthly basis.


‘Uncertainty’ is the driver of business strategy and procurement today.  Becoming a ‘PAYG’ Enterprise with inventive ways of acquiring innovative technology, such as BNS offers, enables customers to react to uncertainty in a controlled, planned and manageable manner.  Learn more HERE